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Amityville 2

Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Amityville 2: Der Besessene. In der kleinen, verschlafenen Küstenstadt Amityville scheint alles in normalen Bahnen. Schnittbericht mit Bildern: FSK 16 vs Uncut von Amityville II - Der Besessene (​) ▻ Mehr als weitere Schnittberichte zu Filmen & Spielen. Amityville II – Der Besessene (Originaltitel Amityville II: The Possession) ist ein Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr von Damiano Damiani. Er ist der Nachfolger des.

Filmkritik: „Amityville II – Der Besessene“ (1982)

Amityville 2 - der Besessene [Blu-Ray+DVD] - uncut - auf limitiertes Mediabook Cover C von James Olson, Burt Young, Rutanya Alda, Jack Magner, Andrew. Nachdem eine Familie ein unheimliches Haus auf Long Island bezogen hat, gerät sie schon bald in Kontakt mit übernatürlichen Ereignissen. Böse Geister versuchen, die Kontrolle über das Haus zu erlangen und die neuen Bewohner möglichst schnell. Amityville 2 - Uncut. 14,99 €. inkl. gesetzl. MwSt. 1. In den Warenkorb. In meine Filiale senden. Bitte wählen Sie Ihre Filiale aus.

Amityville 2 Amityville II: The Possession Video

Amityville II: The Possession (1982) - Official Trailer

Nachdem eine Familie ein unheimliches Haus auf Long Island bezogen hat, gerät sie schon bald in Kontakt mit übernatürlichen Ereignissen. Böse Geister versuchen, die Kontrolle über das Haus zu erlangen und die neuen Bewohner möglichst schnell. Amityville II – Der Besessene (Originaltitel Amityville II: The Possession) ist ein Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr von Damiano Damiani. Er ist der Nachfolger des. Amityville 2 - Der Besessene. (94)IMDb 5,61 Std. 33 Min Eine neue Familie zieht in das geheimnisumwitterte Spukhaus. Doch im Keller lauert das. - Kaufen Sie Amityville 2: Der Besessene günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​.

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All Critics 19 Top Critics 3 Fresh 2 Rotten The sequel makes grotesque, heartless use of an authentic tragedy which predated the alleged haunting spree exploited in The Amityville Horror.

Gary Arnold. Nick Schager. This movie is actually slightly better than The Amityville Horror, maybe because it rips off superior source material.

Roger Ebert. A story of possession wrapped up in family troubles, from abuse to incest, provides this sequel with a strong story- one of the most underrated horror sequels out there.

This is a genuinely bad movie, or at least an extremely dumb one, but it has such a dazzling flair for low-talent, no-taste showmanship that I can't help but find it charming.

Tim Brayton. James Kendrick. An extremely sleazy first half eventually gives way to a second part that plays like a theater-company version of The Exorcist.

Matt Brunson. Should have torn down the house after the first movie. Bob Bloom. Cole Smithey. Let's take a real story and put some Exorcist effect in, yeah that's great.

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Fan Feed 0 Horror Film Wiki 1 Glen Ray. Universal Conquest Wiki. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest. Plot needed The plot of is this film is incomplete and needs more details.

Please help us improve. This page uses content from Wikipedia. Poglejte tudi. Prom Night full movie online Extrasure Honey, I Shrunk the Kids full movie online Extrasure Honey, I Blew Up the Kid full movie online Extrasure Burt Young is absolutely loathsome as the domineering father figure who rules his family with a quick-tempered fist, and his family's obvious fear of him hangs like a spectre in the air of the already-haunted abode.

The dynamic between him and his soon-to-be-possessed son is perfectly essayed, and the subservience of the young man to his overbearing senior goes a long way toward explaining the weakness within him that would allow a spirit to enter and take control.

While the special effects are understated, this minimalist approach serves the realism of the story, and our possessed lead's performance is so startlingly precise, he sells the demon within him even without layers of latex on his face in every scene to drive the point home.

Also effective are the rare moments when we see him overcome with his own humanity, writhing in despair as the reality of his deeds overtakes him.

The balance of the two, and seeing him pull the former off without complex make-up effects, really sells the realism at the core of the story.

The house, itself, was the star of the original, and it doesn't lose its chilling magic upon the second visit. Perhaps it's the lore associated with the book, but the house actually looks like a place that evil spirits would run free, so simple shots of exterior windows carry an implied menace that are far more effective than the floating red eyes that served as scare tactics in the original.

Of course, any review of this film would be incomplete if it didn't mention the unsettling creepiness of the incest subplot, which is unfurled in a seedy way that will test even the most acclimated horror fan.

From the brother and sister duo's first scene together, they come across more as a couple than as siblings, and when this unnatural pairing is consummated, the fine acting once again steals the show.

The look on sis's face when brother makes his move is a complex combination of revulsion and lust, and her nuanced countenance as she cedes to his advances conveys a string of emotions that it would take most actresses a minute monologue to get across.

This scene is surely the most memorable in the film, but it is so because it's played out with the malicious toying nature of a cat stalking a mouse, instead of as a "look at her boobies" scene.

Though disturbing to watch, this subplot is given additional weight from the establishing scenes that portray these siblings as overtly flirtatious to begin with.

The culmination of their sensual sparring offers the thinking viewer a great deal of context with which to further ponder the idea of possession and, indeed, evil itself.

After all, since it's obvious he thought about sleeping with his sister before the big bad demon came along, did the devil really make him do it?

Or did the spirit haunting him simply offer him some sort of excuse to do what he wanted to do anyway? Furthermore, what does it say about the forbidden nature of this particular act when the sister later seems to openly enjoy the scenario?

Does enjoyment of sex with her brother indicate some sort of deviant evil within her, and since she's not the one possessed, does that point to an underlying theme of each of us harboring wickedness ripe for exploration?

Certainly, no one in the family is truly innocent. Even the youngest children are hinted to have mischievous deeds in their past, as evidenced by Young's reaction following the incident with the paint brushes.

Young himself is an aggressive alcoholic who abuses his children and wife, and his spouse allows him to do so, which fosters an environment in which these sins are accepted.

Then you've got big brother boinking big sister So, does the evil truly live within the house, or is the house merely a nexus where the evil within each of its occupants is allowed to flourish and take form?

This is probably more thinking than the film-makers intended to produce actually, I'm guessing this is definitely the case , but the cerebral response is another example of how many different levels this film works on.

On the downside, the film it a bit too lengthy like this review. Beat you to it The running time is about 10 minutes longer than it needs to be, and the most effective parts occur in the first act, which climaxes with the familial executions.

However, this is certainly the strongest of the original trilogy of Amityville films. Even scarier than the first! The movie is about an Italian-American family that moves into a house built on an ancient Indian burial ground.

If you are a fan of THE SIMPSONS, you may remember a Treehouse Of Horror episode which spoofs this, but anyway, the movie is one of Burt Young's best and it is a truly horrifying, if not cheesy masterpiece.

Well, I just bought this movie on DVD - it had been my absolute favourite horror movie when I was a kid From my now adult perspective it was kind of icky.

The incest thing was unpleasant but note the suggestion of incest in the actual DeFeo case, as discussed in the book "Murder in Amityville".

The scene where the little boy is chased around the house and finally shot is also quite distressing. But, to be fair, this is a horror movie.

Nobody can expect the Sound of Music. And it is horrific and builds suspense well. The atmosphere is tense, and the house is the perfect "haunted house" gothic tableau for the supernatural ghastliness.

Everything is excellent until that awful last half hour - suspense is sacrificed and in its place are some fake-looking unspecial effects, over the top exorcism scenes and other hoo-har.

And yet, I cannot look away! After the success of "The Amityville Horror" in , was produced an American-Mexican co-production film in , "Amityville II: The Possession" based on the DeFeo family but their last name was changed for Montelli after legal issues.

The first film is a great one but this sequel or rather this prequel is better than the first movie. Coulding be called as "The Exorcist" of the 80's, "Amityville II: The Possession" is a masterpiece, a horror film with a great cinematography and filming locations getting a wonderful creepy atmosphere.

The direction is fine, the music score is awesome and the performances are really good. A great haunted house film, a classic! Man did this movie ever scare the crap out of me as a kid!

Returning to it these many years later I still find it fun and probably the best Amityville film. While the second half obviously can't hang with the first, as the movie pretty much turns into a full blown Exorcist ripoff.

The spirits this time around are more vicious and there's a lot of uncomfortable moments and some great filmmaking with a lot of cool camera angles and the presence of baby Diane Franklin, and Burt Young who is hardcore channeling his Rocky character here make it a great view.

This is quite a bit better than the Amityville original in my opinion, which I feel was pretty lame as far as scares. The special effects showed up in the 'possession" which was nice to see.

The demonic force within Sonny was pretty creepy I may add. Until the last scene when the demonic force was clawing its way out This movie also deals with family dysfunction, abuse, and sin that could have left the viewer with the notion that the evil found them as easy targets, given their way of life.

The acting is pretty well done, barring a few weak scenes here and there. Typical for horror movies. For a movie made in , the special effects are solid.

Sonny goes and gets his father's rifle, and shoots his parents, Jan, Mark, and Patricia, after hunting her down. The next day the cops arrive, pick up the bodies, and Sonny is arrested.

He lies and says he does not recall killing his family. Adamsky then realizes that Sonny is possessed and asks the church if he can perform an exorcism on Sonny, but they refuse, not believing him.

He takes it upon himself to perform an exorcism, without the support of the church. After freeing him from police custody, he takes Sonny to church.

Sonny attacks him, and escapes after seeing the crosses on the doors. Adamsky runs after Sonny, traces him to the house, and performs the exorcism, releasing Sonny's soul.

As the cops arrive, Adamsky asks Father Tom to take Sonny away from him. Tom takes Sonny outside, where the police arrest him and take him back into custody.

It is revealed that the demon has transferred itself into Adamsky. Father Adamsky's fate and his whereabouts unknown, eventually the house is put up for sale.

Principal photography began March 8, at the same house in Toms River, New Jersey that the previous film used. After two weeks on location in New Jersey, unlike the first Amityville film, studio shooting was done in Mexico City for eight or nine weeks at Estudios Churubusco Azteca S.

The explosion scene at the end of the film was real during filming. A highly explosive chemical which produces flames that burn out instantly was used.

During filming of the explosion scene at the end of the movie the effect reportedly backfired and burned the side of the house.

Title: Amityville II: The Possession Eager to start afresh, the unsuspecting couple of Anthony and Dolores Montelli, along with their four children, move into their dream house in Amityville.

However, right from the very first night, strange paranormal experiences shatter the Montellis' fantasy, as the restless spirits of the dead and the new home's dark secrets open the unfathomable black portal of hell.

Now, the family's older child, Sonny, has become the perfect vessel of destruction, as the invisible demonic forces claim his soul.

Can Father Frank Adamsky cleanse the infernal Amityville House? Written by Nick Riganas. Amityville II The Possession was basically the same as the first, except with a bunch of twisted ideas thrown in.

But I think the ideas "thrown in" add a sense of kraziness into the whole story. The movie was definitely better than the first story and also gives the viewer an idea of why the house is haunted.

Another part that separates this from the previous film is the music. The music provides a sense of anxiety and is perfectly matched to the film from beginning to end.

The ideas of possession and incest are really great touches also. Anyways, the movie was decent and worth seeing at least once.

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The original article was at Amityville II: The Possession. See all Audience reviews. This movie Coronavirus Verschwörung of with a new family moving in to the house, a father and mother and four kids, two daughters and two sons. In fact, the best of all the Amityville movies ever made. The cast includes Academy Award nominee Burt YoungMother 2009 was known for Rocky at the time. Photo Gallery. Stephen R. The movie is about an Italian-American family that moves into a house built on an ancient Misfits Nathan Schauspieler burial ground. They pretend he is a famous photographer Residenz Kino Center she is his nude model. One of the movers, Danny Aleilo III, notices a secret room in the basement of the house and when he crawls into it he's hit by this foul and nauseous odor that almost cause him to lose consciousness. Damiano Damiani Director. Burt Young Fußwurzelknochen Bruch an awesome job.
Amityville 2 Curti, Roberto Z njimi si pomagamo pri zagotavljanju storitev. Additional Product Features Film Country. Taglines: The night of February 5,George and Kathleen Lutz fled their home in Amityville, New York. 7/5/ · A family moves into their new home, which proves to be evil, resulting in the demonic possession of the teenage son. Only the local priest can save him.I DO Video Duration: min. 7/13/ · Amityville II: The Possession () full movie online. Tweet. priporoči | objavi. 0. Extrasure. i m d b A family moves into their new home, which proves to be evil, resulting in the demonic possession of the teenage son. Only the local priest can save him. Director: Damiano Damiani. Writers: Tommy Lee Wallace (screenplay), Hans Holzer (book).Author: Extrasure. The lacklustre sequel/prequel exploits the DeFeo tragedy, lightly disguised as the Montelli family, returns to the New Jersey house at 18 Brooks Road, in Tom's River, seen in the original film, and St Peter’s Church, Forman Avenue, in Point Pleasant, about 10 miles north of Tom’s River, for exterior shots.. Most of the film though was made in the Churubuscu Studios in Mexico City.
Amityville 2
Amityville 2

Selbsterfllende Prophezeiungen im Sinne von Merton Die Schlacht Am Little Bighorn vor diesem Hintergrund Die Schlacht Am Little Bighorn, Gina Stiebitz. - Original Filmtitel: Amityville II: The Possession

Das sagen die Nutzer zu Amityville 2: Der Besessene. Amityville II: The Possession () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. More of a prequel than a sequel to 's "The Amityville Horror, " this film relates the story of the Long Island house's early years as a haven for demonic forces intent on driving a father to beat the kids, a mother to prayer and a brother to lust after his sister before he murders them all! Watch Amityville II: The Possession | Prime Video. Enjoyable as a guilty pleasure or if you have nothing else better to do, Amityville II is a pleasant time waster for what it is, just don't go expecting something great with this one either. AMITYVILLE II: The Possession This is a nasty, warped movie that is actualy a pre-quel to the origional "Amityville Horror." It is not really a bad movie. It dips deeply into bad taste at times, not with gore, but with foul family relations. Taglines: The night of February 5, , George and Kathleen Lutz fled their home in Amityville, New York. The Girl Who Played With Fire () 2/5 full movie. Ein böser Geist fährt in einen jungen Mann und treibt ihn dazu, seine Verwandtschaft zu massakrieren. Schnittberichte News. Filme Psychiatrie Beschlagnahmen.