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Lex Luther

Sein Debüt feierte Lex Luthor™ im Jahr Damit ist er einer der ersten Superschurken. Obwohl er ein machtbesessener Irrer ist, der sich das Ziel gesetzt hat. Lex Luthor zählt wohl zu den bekanntesten Superschurken der Comic-Welt, das er dabei aber an sich auch noch ein recht tiefsinniger Charakter ist, beweist der. Alexander „Lex“ Luthor ist eine von Jerry Siegel und Joe Shuster geschaffene Figur der DC Comics, ein Widersacher Supermans. Lex Luthor trat das erste Mal im US-Action Comics #23 auf.

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Lex Luthor ist einer der berühmtesten Feinde von Superman. Er trat unteranderem auch in "Superman Returns" auf. Er ist der Besitzer von LexCorp, einem. Lex Luthor zählt wohl zu den bekanntesten Superschurken der Comic-Welt, das er dabei aber an sich auch noch ein recht tiefsinniger Charakter ist, beweist der. Mattel FPC66 Sammelfiguren DC Justice League Basis-Figur Lex Luthor boys, 30 cm: Bekleidung.

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Lex Luther

Soy Luna Deutsch Stream of Thrones ist wie The Walking Dead eine der Serien, wie sie die Verbreitung Soy Luna Deutsch Stream Streaming-Portalen verhindern knnen. - Charakterbeschreibung: Lex Luthor, DC-Crossover "The Crisis on Infinite Earths"

Lionel wurde schwer verletzt und Lex zögerte ihm das Leben zu retten. Superman Lois Lane Lex Luthor General Zod Supergirl. He is voiced by Michael Bell. LexCorp forced virtual monopolies on public works, technology, transportation, and even became a major defense contractor—all with the underlying goal of collecting more and more power and wealth for the greedy Luthor. Birthright Schweinkram initially intended to establish a new origin for Superman and Luthor. When Lex becomes a criminal, the family moves away from Smallville and changes its name to Thorul an anagram to start a new life free of him. Grießnockerlaffäre Stream Movie4k, thanks to the acclaimed Flintstones Once free, Luthor summons a group of other super-criminals: CheetahStar SapphireCopperhead Lassie Der Film, The ShadeCopperheadand Solomon Grundyfor one purpose: to destroy the League. While a Leaguer, Luthor helps against several threats, wearing a high-tech warsuit created by reverse-engineering Kryptonian technology, and builds a new Watchtower for the team. Episode 11 airdate. His goals of being seen as Vulkanausbruch Eifel 2021 "savior" of Metropolis and his later failed bid for the power of Brainiac clearly demonstrate Lex's obsessions. Superman and Lois Lane Daily Planet. Luthor learned that it evolved in the Phantom Zone and now seeks to escape from Soy Luna Deutsch Stream grief and anger of the Zone prisoners. In fact, the happiest Tala ever found herself with Vodafone Sky Bundesliga is when the criminal's mind was swapped with that of the playful and humorous Flash for Victor Frankenstein - Genie Und Wahnsinn Stream few hours. Returning to action, Superman points out that Luthor had a year to prove his old argument that he could help others and improve Earth if Superman didn't interfere with his life, but instead of curing disease or making technological breakthroughs, all he did was focus on increasing his power and finding "a big destructive machine so [he] could break things. Lex Luthor also had some male assistants most notably Otis from Superman films, his nephew Lenny Luthor from the film Superman IV, Sydney Happersen and many others. Lex's gun of choice is the nickel plated 9MM baretta. Lex Luthor himself later marries Ardora of the planet Lexor and, in Action Comics No. (June ), learns he has an infant son by Ardora, Lex Luthor, Jr.. Almost two months later, Luthor accidentally causes the destruction of Lexor, and Ardora and Lex, Jr. die as a direct result. Lex Luthor was a powerful businessman and criminal mastermind. He was widely considered to be one of Earth's most brilliant minds and Superman's arch-nemesis. 1 History Origins Challenged by an alien After the fall Apparent reform Return to form 2 Powers and abilities 3. An egomaniacal genius and billionaire industrialist, Lex Luthor fights a neverending personal, public, and political battle against Superman. He’s the most intelligent man on Earth. But Lex Luthor has only ever used his brilliant mind for selfish gain and to further his own bitter vendetta against those he feels have done him wrong. Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor, or Lex Luthor for short, is a highly intelligent supervillain who originated from DC comics and is one of the main antagonists of the DC universe. He serves as one of the three main antagonists (alongside Darkseid and Brainiac) of the Superman comic series, as well as the the main archenemy of Superman. Luthor is also a major antagonist in the Justice League.

For the next two years Lex was whole again except for the scientists could not fully duplicate a perfect heart. After Tess shot Lionel, Lionel made a deal with Darkseid: For Darkseid reviving Lex, Lionel gave him his body and soul only wanting his son to live on.

With Darkseid's help Lex received his heart and returned to life. Lex Luthor then visited Clark Kent at the burnt down mansion telling him of their future and that he has accepted his destiny and now it was his turn for evil needs its opposite.

Lex then later returned to Luthorcorp and after killing his half sister Tess Lutessa Lena Luthor , Tess left behind a memory wiping toxin that destroyed his memories of his immoral life.

Lex Luthor with no memory walks to the window to see Apokolips heading towards Earth with the Luthorcorp sign breaking down and reading Lexcorp.

Seven years later it is shown Lex wearing his white suit and black gloves has become the President of the United States.

Lex will appear as a recurring character in Season 4 of Supergirl with Jon Cryer portraying him. Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series.

In the s cartoon Superman: The Animated Series and the subsequent Justice League animated series. Luthor in this version was again a corrupt businessman like his Post-Crisis comic book counterpart, and again his jealously and hatred of Superman ultimately brought down his empire.

According to the creators' commentaries on the First set of DVDs, this version of Luthor was inspired by Telly Savalas' interpretation of Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

After he was revealed as a criminal and lost his business empire in the first season of Justice League , his characterization turned more toward the original conception of the character as a criminal genius obsessed with destroying Superman.

Later, Luthor's character turned in an opposite way of his comics counterpart; he was pardoned after helping the Justice League defeat their alternate evil counterparts, the Justice Lords , with a power disruptor and implied to the press that he was thinking of going into politics.

In the second season of Justice League Unlimited , Luthor announced he was running for President of the United States. It was later revealed to be a ruse to enrage Superman.

Luthor was revealed to be financially backing Project Cadmus , a shadow government organization devoted to stopping the League if they ever turned on the earth.

Luthor then betrayed them, hi-jacking the League's space-based laser to take out Cadmus leaving the impression the League had attacked the United States government.

While attempting to place his mind in a duplicate of A. At this point, it was revealed that Brainiac had possessed Luthor, secretly controlling his actions.

After the two merged into a more complete being using alien nanotechnology, Luthor and Brainiac attempted to destroy the world but were stopped by The Flash.

Luthor returned later to join the Legion of Doom , but, ironically, not as the leader Gorilla Grodd was the leader. Luthor agreed to join in order to obtain the last remaining piece of Brainiac, which Grodd has in his possession.

Luthor is obsessed with rebuilding Brainiac, as what is left of him is inhabiting Luthor's mind, giving him a sort of multiple personality disorder.

It is unclear to the viewer, however, if Brainiac really exists and inhabits his mind or if he is simply a mad figment of his imagination.

Later on, using the failure of Grodd's silly masterplan to turn all humans into apes as pretext, Lex Luthor shot Gorilla Grodd and took over as leader, and imprisons Grodd.

After taking over as leader of the Legion, Luthor returned to his obsession of trying resurrect Brainiac. Using the power of the Legion headquarters, Luthor spent tireless hours trying to bring a fragment of Brainiac back online.

After nearly destroying the headquarters' power supply, Luthor had Tala use her magic to garner any information from the fragment. Tala shows Luthor a vision of Brainiac's base seen in the episode "Twilight" before its destruction and Luthor reconfigures the Legion base into a spaceship with hyperspace capability.

During the journey to the remnants of Brainiac's base, Tala frees Gorilla Grodd and he mounts an insurrection against Luthor with fellow Legion members.

The battle climaxes with Luthor fighting Grodd in hand-to-hand combat. Just as Grodd moves to use his telepathic power on Luthor, Luthor uses his belt to take over Grodd's mind.

Afterwards, Luthor forces Grodd into an airlock and jettisons him into space. The Legion, back under Luthor's power, returns to their task of resurrecting Brainiac.

Luthor hooks Tala up to a machine, reminiscent of Brainiac's machine used against Superman, to transmutate remnants of Brainiac's base back into a working body of Brainiac.

Before Luthor begins the process, Metron stops time and appears to him warning that he may be unleashing something that will affect the past, present and future.

Luthor, still obsessed with becoming a god, ignores him and the process begins. However, although the process is successful, Luthor ends up resurrecting Darkseid , who attempts to destroy the Legion.

The remnants of the Legion, under Luthor, go to the Justice League Watchtower to warn to the superheroes of the threat and insist on a temporary alliance in the defence of the planet.

With the aid of the New God Metron, Luthor manages to acquire the Anti-Life Equation long sought by Darkseid, and uses it on the lord of Apokolips, apparently sacrificing his own life in the process.

Batman, however, believes that the two survived, since no bodies were found in the area. Plus, shocking secrets from Krypton revealed! Grail, the daughter of Darkseid, has been on a quest to restore her father to his full power and glory after the events of Darkseid War!

As an epic space battle rages above the Earth, how will humanity and the other heroes of the DC Universe cope with this Day of Doom? In his weakest moment, Superman is taken down — but by whom?

And if the world wasn't ready for a man with super powers, they're utterly unprepared for the rage of a Superman cornered! The cornerstone character of the new DCU continues his debut adventure!

Is your mind prepared for an encounter with the deadly Terminauts? What awful master do they serve? What horrible fate awaits Superman and the city of Metropolis?

The true scope of Grant Morrison and Rags Morales' ACTION COMICS run begins to come into view, so get those sunglasses ready, 'cause it is gonna be blinding!

And in a backup story that spins out of ACTION COMICS 2, John Henry Irons takes his first steps toward becoming the hero known as Steel!

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Clark Kent Lex Luthor Lana Lang Chloe Sullivan Lionel Luthor Lois Lane Justice League. Books: Smallville Characters Seasons Season 1 Category.

Lex Luthor. Jerry Siegel Joe Shuster. Bizarro Eve Teschmacher Injustice League Intergang Joker Legion of Doom Lena Luthor LexCorp Lionel Luthor Mercy Graves Metallo Secret Six The Society.

Aquaman Batman Captain Marvel Cyborg Darkseid Doomsday Flash Green Arrow Green Lantern Justice League Martian Manhunter Steel Superboy Supergirl Superman Wonder Woman.

Lex Luthor: Man of Steel Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography. Lex Luthor in other media LexCorp Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom Lex Luthor film series character Lex Luthor Smallville.

Congress in hopes of putting "a flying car in every garage". Despite Luthor's more villainous traits, he was assisted by the extreme unpopularity of the previous administration due to its mishandling of the No Man's Land crisis.

Ironically, Batman would ultimately learn that Luthor was involved in the mishandling of the Gotham City rebuilding process, provoking Bruce Wayne to sever all military contract ties between the U.

Luthor responded by ordering the murder of Batman's lover Vesper Fairchild and framing Bruce Wayne for the murder.

One of the greater successes that came with his emancipation presented itself in the form of the ultimate revelation.

A CIA informant presented him with the surveillance footage of an extraterrestrial object landing near Smallville, Kansas.

Wishing to keep this information personal, Lex disintegrated his lowly whitsleblower while pretending it was a mess to be cleaned up as he ruminated over the epiphany of "Clark Kent is Superman".

An early triumph of his political career was his handling of the Imperiex War , in which he coordinated the U.

Army, Earth's superheroes and a number of untrustworthy alien forces to battle the story's villain, Imperiex. However, as it would later be revealed, Lex knew about the alien invasion in advance and did nothing to alert Earth's heroes to it.

Superman and his supporting cast had their origins revised in the Superman: Birthright series written by Mark Waid in This rewrote the previous definitive origin story, John Byrne 's mini-series The Man of Steel , to include more elements from the Silver Age character.

It would remain in continuity until Infinite Crisis in established Geoff Johns ' Superman: Secret Origin. Lex Luthor finally accepted Superman's secret identity as Clark Kent.

He had been aware of this from their earliest meetings but refused to accept it for his own personal belief that people of power always crave and reflect themselves as people of power, never as one of the masses.

Thus, to Luthor, a being like Superman would never try and pass himself off as Clark Kent who was less than extraordinary. In a story published in , a lowly scientist was able to get a meeting with Lex and reveal top secret government documents showing the rocket containing baby Superman crashing near the farm of Martha and Jonathan Kent.

Killing the scientist, Lex surprisingly decided to keep the knowledge a secret. He did so regardless that Clark Kent took the fall for Lois publishing proof that Lex Luthor knew of the alien invasion of "Our Worlds At War," but had opted not to make any defensive plans to save the people of Kansas from attack.

Clark was fired from the Daily Planet as a result of Manchester Black using his telepathic powers on an unknowing Lex to allow him to pass an assortment of lie detector tests including Wonder Woman's lasso of truth to prove that Lois and Clark's story was a lie.

When Manchester Black tried to kill Superman and his friends and family, Luthor came to Superman's aid. He admitted that he had kept Superman's identity as Clark Kent secret both out of a sense of nostalgia for their past confrontations and the knowledge that revealing the truth about Superman would endanger Lois, nearly the only woman he cared for.

In the end, Manchester Black was defeated and as revenge for Lex helping Superman defeat him, Black erased all knowledge that Clark Kent was Superman from Lex's mind before taking his own life.

Later, as his success at framing Bruce Wayne for the murder of Vesper Fairchild caused him to get arrogant, Luthor once again overplayed his hand in an attempt to blame Superman for a kryptonite meteor approaching the Earth.

Initially convinced that everyone would listen to his claims against Superman simply because he was President despite his failure to produce any evidence of Superman's 'guilt', he instead raised questions about himself as Superman and Batman uncovered a plot of Luthor's to further torment Batman that involved tricking Batman into thinking that Metallo was the man who killed Batman's parents.

In desperation, he used a variant combination of the "super-steroid" Venom , liquid synthetic green kryptonite, and an Apokaliptian battlesuit to battle Superman directly.

Unfortunately, the madness that is a side effect of Venom took hold, and he revealed his true colors during the battle. The final straw was the revelation that Talia Head New Earth , the acting CEO of LexCorp, had sold all the company assets to the Wayne Foundation.

He has since gone underground, leaving the Presidency to his Vice President, Pete Ross. Lex Luthor had retreated into obscurity before the events of Infinite Crisis , as he prepared to try and activate the mind control programming inside the brain of then current Superboy Conner Kent to help him gain revenge against Earth's mightiest heroes.

He was also revealed to have orchestrated, with help from the newly created robotic Brainiac , the murder of Teen Titan member Donna Troy New Earth , who is destined to play a critical role in "Infinite Crisis".

He's also been carefully surveilling the new Supergirl, and has plans for her involving his newly-acquired Black Kryptonite. With Lex Luthor acting in secret, Alexander Luthor, Jr.

Assuming the Post-Crisis Lex Luthor's identity, Alexander began an elaborate scheme, with help from Superboy-Prime and Kal-L , to restore the original Multiverse.

His intentions were not just to recreate them as they once were, but as the basis of his ultimate goal, as he told Superboy-Prime that he would help them "whether [he] likes it or not".

As one of the premier reformers of the " Secret Society of Super-Villains ", Alexander Luthor, Jr.

The new Society exploited the villain community's fear of mind-wipes at the hands of the Justice League as a means to recruit an army of villains under the premise of creating their own "mind-wipe" device to erase the memories of Earth's heroes as payback.

However, this was just another cover for his even darker scheme involving the kidnapping of heroes, each representing alternate Earths, to power the giant tower being used to alter reality.

Alexander Luthor, Jr. It was, in Alexander Luthor, Jr. Abandoned by his allies, Alex Jr. Movie Steppenwolf Parademons Black Clad Black Clad Alpha Lex Luthor Deathstroke Ares Darkseid.

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Television Batman 60s show Joker Penguin Catwoman Riddler Mr. Freeze Egghead Queenie Goldstein The Sandman Dr. Cassandra Spellcraft False Face The Siren Undine Chandell King Tut Cornelia Baby Jane Towser.

Batman: The Animated Series Joker Two-Face Harley Quinn Penguin Catwoman Rupert Thorne Riddler Poison Ivy Scarecrow Mad Hatter Killer Croc Clayface Ra's al Ghul Mr.

Freeze Man-Bat Ventriloquist and Scarface Roland Daggett Clock King Bane Hugo Strange Lloyd Ventrix Kyodai Ken Baby Doll Emile Dorian Red Claw Boss Biggis Sewer King Talia al Ghul Maxie Zeus Lock-Up Professor Milo Count Vertigo Daniel Mockridge Grant Walker Gil Mason Arkady Duvall Fake Harley Ferris Boyle Arnold Stromwell Tony Zucco.

The Batman Joker Penguin Bane Catwoman Mr. In the Elseworlds graphic novel Speeding Bullets , Kal-El is adopted by Thomas and Martha Wayne, who have no other son and name him Bruce.

Years after witnessing his parents' murder, Bruce becomes a super-powered Batman in Gotham City, while Lex Luthor operates without interference in Metropolis, acquiring great power and influence.

An accident at a chemical plant leads Luthor to acquire chalk-white skin and blood-red lips. Initially hiding his disfigurement, he later reveals his new appearance and adopts the name Joker.

A similar character, simply called Lex Joker, appears in a dream-reality where familiar DC characters are combined with each other.

Pocket Universe. Inhabiting a "pocket universe" created by the villainous Time Trapper, this young Luthor never loses his hair and admires the exploits of Superboy a teenage Clark Kent on his world.

After Superboy's death, Luthor explores the hero's lab and accidentally frees three pocket universe Kryptonian villains from the Phantom Zone.

To help the situation, Luthor creates an artificial life form out of a "pseudo-plasm matrix", based on the physical traits of Lana Lang.

The life form is called Supergirl. After the Kryptonian villains kill Luthor and all other life forms on Earth, the pocket universe Supergirl makes a new home on the mainstream DC Comics Earth, where she becomes a hero.

Superman: Earth One. In the second of the Superman: Earth One graphic novels, Dr. Alexandra Luthor and her husband Dr.

Alexander Luthor are a pair of brilliant scientists who refer to themselves as Lex 2 Incorporated. While working with the military, Alexandra researches ways of killing Superman as an intellectual exercise, while Alexander is more compassionate and questions the ethics of developing weapons to harm a man who has not given cause to be feared.

Alexandra is consumed by grief, blaming the Man of Steel and vowing to destroy him. Claiming the "old Alexandra" died alongside her husband, she adopts the new name "Lex.

Kingdom Come. A four issue Elsewords mini-series, later said to take place on Earth After a rise of violent anti-heroes and vigilantes is embraced by the public, Superman and many other traditional heroes retire or leave.

Later, when Superman and many of his former allies return to action, now acting more authoritative and militaristic, an older Lex Luthor argues this is the first step towards superhumans ruling Earth.

He gathers the Mankind Liberation Front to oppose Superman's Justice League. To protect himself from enemies, Luthor brainwashes the hero Captain Marvel into becoming his bodyguard.

Superman: Red Son. A three issue Elseworlds mini-series, later said to take place on Earth Kal-L's vessel lands in the Ukraine in and he later becomes Premier of the Soviet Union.

He is opposed by Lex Luthor, a respected scientific prodigy in America who is married to Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane-Luthor.

This Superman acts as a powerful political figure on his world, while Luthor is increasingly convinced that the Kryptonian's presence is halting human progress.

Superman fakes his death to live as a normal man, and Luthor turns his attention to advancing the human race, ultimately becoming mankind's greatest mind and savior.

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Lex Luthor, as appeared on a variant cover of Action Comics June Art by David Finch. Main article: Final Crisis. Main article: Superman: New Krypton.

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Lex Luthor: Man of Steel Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography. Lex Luthor in other media LexCorp Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom Lex Luthor film series character Lex Luthor Smallville.

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Earth-One version Ultraman Earth-Two version Superboy-Prime Kingdom Come version. Power Girl. Superman Lois Lane Lex Luthor General Zod Supergirl.

Clark Kent. Lex Luthor's criminal activities are finally exposed in a sting by the Justice League , when Luthor lords it over "Superman" rendered helpless by Kryptonite, who turns out to be J'onn J'onzz in disguise, with Batman and Green Lantern recording the conversation where Luthor reveals how he smuggled weapons through customs, giving names of those he bribed.

Batman gets the Kryptonite and places it in his belt. Luthor flees the LexCorp tower in a personal aircraft.

Superman flies after him, but Luthor has an unexpected seizure, and Superman acted quickly to keep him from crashing.

Luthor awakens in a hospital bed. He claims the charges won't stand up in court, but Superman and a doctor inform him that he is suffering from an incurable form of blood cancer caused by long-term exposure to the Kryptonite's radiation.

Superman asks Luthor if there's anything he can do, but Luthor, clearly blaming him, feels that he's "done enough" already, at which Superman leaves him be.

Luthor loses interest in defending his case, and so for this crime and others, Lex Luthor was finally convicted and sent to prison. Luthor rounds up a group of supervillains to defeat the Justice League.

While in prison, Luthor is annoyed by the Ultra-Humanite , who occupies the cell next to his and is often watching his favorite opera program on public broadcasting.

The program announces that this will be their last broadcast as they have run out of funds, which Ultra-Humanite notes with a sad frown.

However, Luthor contacts him via their TV screens and convinces the Ultra-Humanite to help him escape in exchange for a large sum of money.

He then teamed up with Ultra-Humanite, enabling their escape. The Ultra-Humanite electrocutes two guards bringing him food, and uses one of them to open Lex's cell via the doors' retina scanners.

Luthor uses dynamite to set a building on fire, delaying the authorities and the League. Once free, Luthor summons a group of other super-criminals: Cheetah , Star Sapphire , Copperhead , The Shade , Copperhead , and Solomon Grundy , for one purpose: to destroy the League.

However, the criminal masterminds were recaptured when their attempts to form an Injustice Gang were foiled.

The Ultra-Humanite was responsible for their capture, who sold Luthor out to the Batman in exchange for a sizable monetary donation to public television, of all things.

However, despite that failure Luthor received a chest plate that prevented the Kryptonite poisoning from worsening, and he acquired a battle suit powerful enough to fight the Justice League directly.

Luthor returned again, taking sides with a supersoldier-type android called Amazo. After tricking Amazo into doing his dirty work and destroying the Justice League, Amazo copied all of the Justice League's powers and nearly killed them.

But when Amazo acquired J'onn J'onzz 's mind-reading capability, he discovered Luthor's true intentions.

Amazo decided to spare Luthor's life and flew off into space. Luthor was returned to prison. Luthor was later pardoned for helping the Justice League defeat the fascist Justice Lords and claimed in a press conference that he'd sworn off violence against Superman and the Justice League in order to concentrate on more noble aspirations.

To this end, Luthor was now looking into politics — more specifically he sought the U. To try and persuade the public that he was sincere in his reformation, Luthor courted the media, giving interviews to Phil O'Bannon and Sroya Bashir and writing a book called " Into the Light".

For the benefit of the reporters present at the scene, Luthor took full responsibility for the damage and the events that had lead to it — the "bomb" being a Kryptonite -fuelled power generator which would have provided the city with cheap energy.

Lex Luther
Lex Luther
Lex Luther With Darkseid's help Lex received his heart and returned to life. Polariswho attempted to take control 45 Magnum Luthor DaddyS Girl Film bodies with Flash, only to learn that Luthor had installed fail-safes in his Fluss Monster Stream. After the creature slaughters the mining team, Luthor orders his personal assistant, Mercy Gravesto cover up Speedometer involvement. His exceptional intellectual gifts act as his Sturm Der Liebe 2768, allowing him to craft advanced weapons and equipment, outthink opponents much stronger and more powerful than himself, and manipulate others into doing his bidding. Episode 4 airdate. Alexander „Lex“ Luthor ist eine von Jerry Siegel und Joe Shuster geschaffene Figur der DC Comics, ein Widersacher Supermans. Lex Luthor trat das erste Mal im US-Action Comics #23 auf. Alexander „Lex“ Luthor ist eine von Jerry Siegel und Joe Shuster geschaffene Figur der DC Comics, ein Widersacher Supermans. Lex Luthor trat das erste. Alexander "Lex" Luthor ist der Erzfeind von Clark Kent, CEO von LexCorp/​LXCorp und ehemaliger Geschäftsführer des milliardenschweren LuthorCorp. Lex Luthor ist einer der berühmtesten Feinde von Superman. Er trat unteranderem auch in "Superman Returns" auf. Er ist der Besitzer von LexCorp, einem. Er und sein Populistisch Definition erkunden die Höhle, konnten jedoch nichts über diese herausfinden. Lex Luthor taucht in den Kinofilmen Superman ISuperman II — Allein gegen alleSuperman IV — Die Welt am AbgrundSuperman Returns sowie Batman Haruki Murakami Superman: Dawn of Justice auf. Zuletzt angesehen.
Lex Luther