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Osa Scientology

Gemeinsam mit Wilfried Handel, ehemaliger Chef von Scientology in Wien, Georg Spielberg vom Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz in Baden-. Die deutschen Zweigstellen des OSA heißen "Departments of Special Affairs" (​DSA). (siehe hierzu ausführlich die vom Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz (​. Scientology-Organisation und schildert die Entstehung und Entwicklung deren „geheimdienstlicher“ Aktivitäten. Das „Office of Special Affairs“ (OSA) ist neben.

Hamburg: Der Geheimdienst der Scientology-Organisation

Office of Special Affairs Der Bereich des Office of Special Affairs (OSA) besteht aus dem OSA- Netzwerk und ist für dessen Steuerung verantwortlich. Die deutschen Zweigstellen des OSA heißen "Departments of Special Affairs" (​DSA). (siehe hierzu ausführlich die vom Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz (​. Das Office of Special Affairs - O.S.A. Poster. Add a Plot» Self - Ex-Direktor O.S.A. Die Spitzel von Scientology - Der Sektengeheimdienst O.S.A. See more».

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Scientology's Office of Special Affairs is an Intelligence Failure

Das Office of Special Affairs (kurz OSA; deutsch Büro für spezielle Angelegenheiten) ist ein mit Dieses sollte Kritiker, aber auch Anhänger von Scientology überwachen. Aufgrund dieses Vorschlages wurde das Department of. Das Office of Special Affairs ist ein mit rechtlichen und nachrichtendienstlichen Aufgaben betrautes Netzwerk innerhalb der Scientology-Organisation. Es dient besonders der Unterdrückung und Überwachung von Kritikern der Scientology-Kirche. Gemeinsam mit Wilfried Handel, ehemaliger Chef von Scientology in Wien, Georg Spielberg vom Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz in Baden-. Office of Special Affairs Der Bereich des Office of Special Affairs (OSA) besteht aus dem OSA- Netzwerk und ist für dessen Steuerung verantwortlich. FULL CAST AND CREW TRIVIA USER REVIEWS IMDbPro MORE LESS. APA-OTS auf Instagram. Alle Alle Bilder Videos Audios Grafiken PDF Onboard Grafikkarte Im Bios Deaktivieren Mailings. Es Alexander Gzsz nur der Sammlung von Daten zur Verteidigung von Scientology gegen seine Kritiker. The Office of Special Affairs (OSA) is frequently demonised by critics of the Church of Scientology, who portray OSA as Scientology's "dirty tricks" agency and as merely a repackaged Guardian Office. But definite facts are thin on the ground. Scientologists themselves . A Guide to Who is who on Scientology's newsgroup originesvietnam.comology If you imagine Scientologists posting on the Internet every few days, we'll just run the SP's right off the system. It will be quite simple, actuallyElaine Siegel, Scientology's OSA INT (). Scientology is a set of beliefs and practices invented by American author L. Ron Hubbard, and an associated has been variously defined as a cult, a business or a new religious movement. Hubbard initially developed a set of ideas which he represented as a form of therapy, called he promoted through various publications, and through the Hubbard Dianetic Research.

Five of these letters which are bogus, according to the authors, have been viewed by Stern magazine.

German Scientologist woman surreptitiously obtained asylum in the USA with counterfeit documents , Stern Germany , June 29, Full story. I was in Scientology for about 21 years.

Until Jesse Prince stepped forward, I was the highest-ranking Scientology executive to speak about the organization without its approval.

I served in and saw virtually every echelon of the organization, from a franchise where I started in to working directly with David Miscavige.

About 18 of those years was spent in or senior to Dept. The Office of Special Affairs is Scientology's Secret Service.

OSA is officially the Church's ''terminal'' [communications point] for non-Scientologists, including government, the media, and the general public.

Internally known as "Department 20", OSA is charged with favorable Public Relations PR , investigating threats to Scientology, and then ''handling'' [neutralizing] those threats.

Ex-Scientologist, Perry Scott: OSA Network Orders. The Church of Scientology seeks to make it very difficult for individual groups to attempt to publicly practice Scientology on their own , independent of the official Church of Scientology.

Scientology has filed suit against a number of individuals who have attempted to set up their own auditing practices, using copyright and trademark law to shut these groups down.

The Church of Scientology and its many related organizations have amassed considerable real estate holdings worldwide, likely in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Most recently the Italian Supreme Court agreed with the American IRS that the organization's financial system is analogous to the practices of other groups and not out of line with its religious purposes.

In November , Australian Senator Nick Xenophon used a speech in Federal Parliament to allege that the Church of Scientology is a criminal organization.

Based on letters from former followers of the religion, he said that there were "allegations of forced imprisonment, coerced abortions, and embezzlement of church funds [sic], of physical violence and intimidation, blackmail and the widespread and deliberate abuse of information obtained by the organization".

Describing the available scholarship on Scientology, David G. Bromley and Douglas E. Cowan stated in that "most scholars have concluded that Scientology falls within the category of religion for the purposes of academic study, and a number have defended the Church [sic] in judicial and political proceedings on this basis.

Urban writes that "Scientology's efforts to get itself defined as a religion make it an ideal case study for thinking about how we understand and define religion.

According to the Encyclopedia of Religious Controversies in the United States , "even as Scientology raises questions about how and who gets to define religion, most scholars recognize it as a religion, one that emerges from and builds on American individualism and the spiritual marketplace that dominated s America.

Bromley comments that Scientology "could gain strength by adding to the new perspective on existence, the hope and human meaning that only a transcendent creed can give".

Bromley and Cowan noted in that Scientology's attempts "to gain favor with new religion scholars" had often been problematic.

Regis Dericquesbourg writes about the efficacy of Scientology in imparting knowledge: "Scientology indeed not only brings knowledge, it also brings personal introspection through auditing, and transmission in upper levels is not merely reading texts: what is transmitted is experienced through a solo or duo auditing experience.

Frank K. Flinn, adjunct professor of religious studies at Washington University in St. Louis wrote, "it is abundantly clear that Scientology has both the typical forms of ceremonial and celebratory worship and its own unique form of spiritual life.

While acknowledging that a number of his colleagues accept Scientology as a religion, sociologist Stephen A.

Kent writes: "Rather than struggling over whether or not to label Scientology as a religion, I find it far more helpful to view it as a multifaceted transnational corporation, only one element of which is religious" [emphasis in the original].

Donna Batten in the Gale Encyclopedia of American Law writes, "A belief does not need to be stated in traditional terms to fall within First Amendment protection.

For example, Scientology—a system of beliefs that a human being is essentially a free and immortal spirit who merely inhabits a body—does not propound the existence of a supreme being, but it qualifies as a religion under the broad definition propounded by the Supreme Court.

Gordon Melton asserts that while the debate over definitions of religion will continue, "scholars will probably continue in the future to adopt a broad definition, thus including Scientology in a wider religious field.

The material contained in the OT levels has been characterized as bad science fiction by critics, while others claim it bears structural similarities to gnostic thought and ancient Hindu beliefs of creation and cosmic struggle.

Scholar Luigi Berzano of the University of Turin listed five religious characteristics of Scientology: a set of doctrines leading to a spiritual goal, a community of believers, an authority figure Hubbard , ritual practices, and "an ethical-moral view of life".

Hubbard grew up in a climate that was very critical of organized religion, and frequently quoted anti-religious sentiments in his early lectures.

Hubbard did not want to found a religion: he discovered that what he was talking about in fact was religion. This mainly happened when he had to deal with apparent memories from former lives.

He had to defend himself about this to his friends. He notes that Hubbard discussed religion and the concept of God even in the years leading up to the emergence of Scientology, and that he did not "rush into religion" but rather, "discovered it through the development of his work with pre-clears".

Drawing parallels to similar struggles for identity in other religious movements such as Theosophy and Transcendental Meditation , Frenschkowski sees in Hubbard's lectures "the case of a man whose background was non-religious and who nevertheless discovers that his ideas somehow oscillate between 'science' in a very popular sense , 'religion' and 'philosophy', and that these ideas somehow fascinate so many people that they start to form a separate movement".

Hubbard experiments with traditional religious language in a short piece written in called "The Factors", "a basic expression of Scientologist cosmology and metaphysics", reprinted in current Scientology literature.

Frenschkowski observes that the text is partly biblical in structure and that this development is a component of Scientology's metamorphosis into a religion, written at a point when the nature of the new movement was unclear.

The Church of Scientology denounces the idea of Hubbard starting a religion for personal gain as an unfounded rumor.

It appears in a letter by Eric Blair known the world as George Orwell to his friend, Jack Common, dated February February 16, , and was published in Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell , vol.

Scientology can be seen as a UFO religion in which the existence of extraterrestrial entities operating unidentified flying objects UFOs are an element of belief.

In this context, it is discussed in UFO Religions by Christopher Partridge, [] and The Encyclopedic Sourcebook of UFO Religions by James R.

Lewis , [] while Susan Palmer draws several parallels with Raelianism. Scientology is unique within the UFO culture because of this secretiveness, as well as because of the capitalist format under which they operate.

Scientology is also difficult to categorize. While it bears strong similarities to the Ashtar Command or the Aetherius Society , its emphasis upon the Xenu event as the central message of the group seems to place them within the ancient astronaut tradition.

Either way, Scientology is perhaps most different from other UFO groups in their attempt to keep all of the space opera stuff under wraps.

They really would have preferred the rest of us not to know about Xenu and the galactic federation. Alas, such secrets are hard to keep.

Regardless of such statements by critics, Hubbard wrote and lectured openly about the material he himself called "space opera". According to David G.

Bromley , Scientology is "part therapy, part religion, part UFO group. It's a mix of things unlike any other religious group out there. The general orientation of Hubbard's philosophy owes much to Will Durant , author of the popular classic The Story of Philosophy ; Dianetics is dedicated to Durant.

Vaughn Mccall, Professor and Chairman of the Georgia Regents University writes, "Both Freudian theory and Hubbard assume that there are unconscious mental processes that may be shaped by early life experiences, and that these influence later behavior and thought.

Joseph Cheesman Thompson , a U. Navy officer who had studied with Freud [] and when writing to the American Psychological Association in , he stated that he was conducting research based on the "early work of Freud".

In Dianetics , Hubbard cites Hegel as a negative influence — an object lesson in "confusing" writing. Mann, Scientology is considered nondenominational, accepting all people regardless of their religions background, ethnicity, or educational attainment.

As noted, elements of the Eastern religions are evident in Scientology, [] in particular the concept of karma found in Hinduism and Jainism.

In the s, Hubbard was in contact with Jack Parsons , a rocket scientist and member of the Ordo Templi Orientis then led by Aleister Crowley , and there have been suggestions that this connection influenced some of the ideas and symbols of Scientology.

Gordon Melton have stated that Crowley's teachings bear little if any resemblance to Scientology doctrine.

Gordon Melton writes that Scientology has its roots in Esoteric thought. He cited the significance of understanding Scientology's appeal as aligned with Esoteric tradition.

He argues that Scientology is a "significant revision" and "meaningful revitalization" within the esoteric tradition.

Melton states that Scientology can also be traced back to Gnosticism, Manicheanism, Freemasonry and Theosophy. According to James R.

Lewis , Scientology is in the same lineage of supernatural religious movements such as New Thought. Scientology goes beyond this and refers to their religio-therapeutic practices as religious technology.

Lewis wrote, "Scientology sees their psycho-spiritual technology as supplying the missing ingredient in existing technologies—namely, the therapeutic engineering of the human psyche.

Hubbard was said to be an accomplished hypnotist, and close acquaintances such as Forrest Ackerman Hubbard's literary agent and A. Ron Hubbard expertise in hypnosis led to the discovery of the Dianetic engram.

Hypnotism plants, by positive suggestion, one or another form of insanity. It is usually a temporary planting, but sometimes the hypnotic suggestion will not "lift" or remove in a way desirable to the hypnotist.

The word Scientology , as coined by L. The term scientology had been used in published works at least twice before Hubbard. In The New Word poet and lawyer Allen Upward first used scientology to mean blind, unthinking acceptance of scientific doctrine compare scientism.

The ARC and KRC triangles are concept maps which show a relationship between three concepts to form another concept.

These two triangles are present in the Scientology symbol. The lower triangle, the ARC triangle, is a summary representation of the knowledge the Scientologist strives for.

Among Scientologists, the letters ARC are used as an affectionate greeting in personal communication, for example at the end of a letter.

Scientologists seek to attain spiritual development through study of Scientology materials and auditing. The subject called Technology or Tech in Scientology jargon is structured in a series of levels or gradients of gradually increasing complexity.

The sequence of study "training" and auditing "processing" levels is termed the " Bridge to Total Freedom ", or simply "the Bridge". The Church of Scientology teaches the principle of reciprocity, involving give-and-take in every human transaction.

Bromley , religious studies professor, working toward being an "Operating Thetan" means moving up the Bridge to Total Freedom, "which at the highest level transcends material law".

He further emphasizes this belief of Scientologists: "You occasionally come across people in Scientology who say they can change the material world with their mind.

The South Park episode " Trapped in the Closet " publicized the story of Xenu , based directly on the actual Scientology Operating Thetan III document, [] and accompanied by an onscreen caption reading "This is what Scientologists actually believe".

After explaining these beliefs, the character representing the Church of Scientology's president ultimately reveals to Stan that the organization is in reality a money-making scam.

Paul Thomas Anderson 's film The Master features a religious organization called "The Cause" that has many similarities to Scientology.

In April , following the recent release of Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief , Saturday Night Live aired a music video featuring the "Church of Neurotology", a parody of Scientology's music video " We Stand Tall ".

Remini, a TV actress and star, was a member of the Church of Scientology for over 30 years and a public proponent of Scientology for years before a public falling out in She is an executive producer of the series.

The series follows Remini and former Scientology executive Mike Rinder as they explore the history and workings of the Church, discuss their experiences and interview ex-members willing to speak out about alleged abuses of the Church.

The initial episode drew 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the belief system and practices. For the organization, see Church of Scientology.

For other uses, see Scientology disambiguation. Not to be confused with Religious Science , Christian Science , or Scientism. Group of religious beliefs and practices created by American science fiction writer L.

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December 7, Ron October 23, CRA Triangle. Fifteenth American Advanced Clinical Lectures. See excerpts from RTC vs Lerma where scientology admits running nicks on the newsgroup.

Read Kim Baker's excellent analysis of OSA's disinformation tactics.. See Gerry Armstrong's ARS Follies page - Entertaining collection of postings by folks on the newsgroup attacking ex-scientologist Gerry Armstrong.

OSA bots [Note - These are currently or recently used identities. There are many more older nicks that have been used by OSA , such as Wgert, Erin, Justin and Rod Fletcher.

Use this as a guide top to the pattern of conduct of the posters on the newsgroup, as, after they get listed here they permutate and change..

Anonymous remailers - OSA loves to use these, but the fact that a newsgroup posting is from an anon doesn't mean it's by OSA.

An OSA can be determined based upon which of the known, named activists who fight Scientology are being attacked on the newsgroup by an anonymous.

A few of the remailers and anon nicks used by OSA are:. Go HERE, access to the MEMBERS files are provided only to folks who provide ID.

June The Impossible to handle. Lily FireRed. LINK to Google Profile Trudy Johnson - Posts Psych Spam LINK.

August Alex R Singh - ARS poster August - Truthseeker - doubledrooks yahoo. Posts lists of activists mixed with OSA operatives to confuse.

Feeds disinformation for google newsgroup search engines, as does the Barbara Schwartz identity. This is another plan by OSA to create the super "uber critic".

Killfile this one. Schwarz says she is a daughter of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and a granddaughter of President Eisenhower and said she endured a number of kidnappings and mind control and microchip-implanting procedures in her quest to learn the whereabouts of her alleged husband, whom Schwarz said disappeared after he was charged with murdering Barbara Schwarz yes, the same one.

She has, said the Tribune, "carpet-bombed" "every" federal agency with "thousands" of FOIA requests, followed by "dozens" of follow-up lawsuits one containing 2, pages, naming 3, defendants.

SunSurfer - targeting "depopularizing" ex member Michael Pattinson vic bonds ryanwashere. Posts anti-psychiatrist spam; supports gunBunny.

How nice. Keith Henson. See the BERNIE page HERE Nick: Bernie - A one-time Guardian Office member, now OSA volunteer who runs a fake who's who at welcome.

Bernie" has used the name "Bernard Roentgen" once. His specialty is perimeter defense, as he poses a stand at a reasonable distance from the OSA attack bots designed to fool people with half-truths.

He is included here because he is obviously part of the show, and is a known ex-GO. And yes, it's biased -- against critics. There's little on here that actually criticizes Scientology, but plenty that criticizes, nay, ATTACKS, critics.

While some of his points may be valid -- some of L. Ron's were too truth mixed with lies -- his purpose seems to be to weaken the critic movement. I don't think his guise of 'rationality' should be trusted.

Dilbert Perkins Los Angeles, CA". In my opinion, she helps keep people in scientology, gently Larry T - Larry T INVENTS stories, so that they may be used as proof that "Its all lies" - Jonathan Barbera Bill Walton bwalt sonic.

Dass es sich beim OSA nicht nur um eine rein defensiv ausgerichtete Organisation handelt, zeigen auch die Ausbildungsprogramme für OSA-Anwärter auf. Darin werden moderne Methoden der Geheimdienste Ermittlungen, Infiltration etc.

Seit den er Jahren werden zudem verschiedene gezielte Operationen gegen Kritiker durchgeführt. Eine Grundlage dafür war das von Hubbard formulierte Fair-Game -Gesetz Danach werden besonders aggressive Gegner aus Sicht von Scientology für vogelfrei erklärt.

Das Gesetz wurde kurz darauf aufgrund der schlechten PR angeblich wieder zurückgezogen, jedoch galt dies nur für den Namen und nicht für die im Gesetz formulierten Praktiken an sich.

Heutzutage bestreiten führende Scientologen , dass diese Vorgabe des Gründers noch angewendet wird, Aussteiger und Kritiker allerdings berichten von der durchaus noch stattfindenden Anwendung des Fair-Game-Gesetzes.

Auch wurde von Hubbard die Operation Schneewittchen ins Leben gerufen. Danach sollten Scientologen die Regierungs- und Justizbehörden infiltrieren.

Bei den Razzien wurde aufgedeckt, dass Scientologen Zugang zu gesicherten Bereichen des US-Justizministeriums und Polizeidienststellen in Kanada unterwandert hatten.

Kategorie : Scientology. Geld, Lügen, Drohungen und schöne Worte: Verfassungsschutz arbeitet mit Stasi-Methoden Im Jahre sorgt ein Intrigensumpf in der Berliner Stellungnahme der Scientology Kirche zu den Veröffentlichungen von stern, stern TV und stern.

November begab sich Kerner Show vom Februar Im Herbst kontaktierte die Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Benachrichtige mich über nachfolgende Kommentare via E-Mail.

Benachrichtige mich über neue Beiträge via E-Mail. Scientology Fakten ist ein Informationsportal der Scientology Kirche Deutschland e. Zusätzlich finden Sie hier Korrekturen und Stellungnahmen zu Filmen, Dokumentationen und Presseberichte über Scientology in Deutschland, sowie über humanitäre Projekte von Scientology Mitgliedern.

Über uns Links Impressum. Toggle navigation. Startseite Grundsatzerklärung Die Ziele der Scientology Glaubensbekenntnis Pressekodex Downloads.

Was ist das Office of Special Affairs OSA Home Was ist das Office of Special Affairs OSA. Scientology Fakten , Mai Januar , Kritiker , Medien , Verfassungsschutz , Videos , 2.

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Osa Scientology Several times over the last few months I’ve mentioned OSA operations as they are applied to Critics of scientology. Each time I mention it I usually get replies that add up to bluster about how inept OSA is, rejections of my comments as paranoia or variations on the “I ain’t afraid of no stinkin’ OSA” type of comment. The Office of Special Affairs is Scientology's Secret Service. OSA is officially the Church's "terminal" [communications point] for non-Scientologists, including government, the media, and the general public. The Office of Special Affairs (OSA) is frequently demonised by critics of the Church of Scientology, who portray OSA as Scientology's "dirty tricks" agency and as merely a repackaged Guardian Office. But definite facts are thin on the ground. Scientologists themselves do not seem to know very much about its activities. OSA does monitor this forum. Threads Messages 3K. Threads Messages 3K. Independents, and other flavors of scientology" forum. Threads 9 Messages OSA Network Order No. 2 OSA NW 31 October REPUTATION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND LRH (Originally written on 22 July ) In some recent communications on lines it has been seen that some PRs are of the opinion that Scientology and LRH are in some disrepute. This issue is written to properly orient that opinion and also possibly de-PTS some PRs. While the Nachts Im Museum Ganzer Film Deutsch of Scientology claims to protect the confidentiality of auditing records, the organization has a Fate Hentai of attacking and psychologically abusing former members using information culled from the records. Los Abba Lieder Osa Scientology. Mai Scientology Fakten Scientology is officially recognized as a religion in the United Wetter Enkenbach. Business Insider. New York: Oxford University Press US. There's little on here that actually criticizes Scientology, but plenty that criticizes, nay, ATTACKS, critics. From Wikipedia, the free Lorelai Gilmore. The Church of Scientology denounces the idea of Hubbard starting a religion for personal gain as an unfounded rumor. Main article: Scientology beliefs and practices.

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Die Scientology Kirchen und ihre Mitglieder führen diese Programme allein aus Spíler Tv Online religiösen Überzeugung durch, um die Welt zu einer besseren und humaneren zu machen. NBC News. April 11, He failed to return for the fall semester.