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Saturn Start Bonus
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This period is more about planning on what you want to ahead with your Career, so best is to stay relaxed and plans things because as soon as Saturn turns progressive in September you will be having a opportunity to rise in career.

If you are in Business then this retrograde motion of Saturn is exceptionally auspicious for you. If you are in sports or in Politics then aspect of retrograde Saturn over the 3rd house of skills and courage will lead to change in your approach.

Whatever results which will be coming from this will be good for you and will lead your way in future to success. Wealth wise this Saturn retrograde can prove extremely good for those who are looking to get an inheritance through Father.

Same time there will be favours from Government and if you are planning to apply for a subsidiary loan then things will fall in your side.

There could be a sudden opportunity to make money but they will not be related to your regular source of income. Those who are into banking, mining, research, politics or sports will get the benefits from this transit.

If you are into business then take necessary precautions and don't go overboard while making a new deal. Overall finances will improve during Saturn's retrograde and you will be able to save some amount for spending in the future.

Since Saturn is over your 9th house which rules over Father and let's talk about Father first. Impact of Saturn over the 7th house will be quite strong this time and if you are in weak Sun dasha then things will be tough for him.

Otherwise I see a happy equation and old issues will be resolved due to Saturn's auspicious position in your 9th house.

As far as the relationship with the spouse is concerned, some stress is bound to happen due to bad events with the spouse's family like with brother, father or mother.

Same time, Spouse may face negative issues in the workplace which can affect your relationship. This retrograde Saturn brings an element of secrecy in your married life and if by chance you are into an extramarital affair then this is the time your deeds may go unmasked.

Health-wise Saturn retrograde will be average and nothing significant is seen in it. Though if you are in Dasha of Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu or Mars then you need to be careful of injury or health complications.

If you are facing some issues already then this is the time you will go deep to find a proper treatment and you may opt for alternative healing also.

Lower body parts may get affected and especially your legs may feel tiredness on a regular basis. For the females, this period can lead to issues with the monthly cycle and hormones related trouble can bother them.

This retrograde period of Saturn can also prove good if your horoscope has a strong 10th house especially when the ashtakvarga score of 10th house is around In order to minimize the bad effects of Saturn retrograde, you should start your Gem therapy where a combination of Blue Sapphire and Emerald should be used in middle and small finger respectively.

For Gemini ascendant Saturn is a benefic planet in general and will be retrograde over their 8th house. Career wise Saturn's aspect on your 10th from the 8th house will lead to tough times in your career.

The events which will be happening during Saturn retrograde period will force you to change your Job. Take a lot of cautions and always be vigilant otherwise someone will knock you out from your current position.

You will notice the positive outcome of your efforts and a change in the attitude of bosses towards you which won't be that good and will make you uncomfortable.

Chances of abroad placement are also there provided you have combinations for it in your horoscope. If you are into Business then you should hold on to the important decisions untill September Though you can make strategy for increase in your revenue, I am sure you will see the positive results from your hardwork once the retrograde period is over.

If you are in auspicious planetary dasha like Yogakaraka planet then there will spikes in your earnings. Though as mentioned in Career part there will be issues at career front which will directly affect your earnings.

Since this retrograde is happening over your 8th house, your spouse may get some financial gains which will reduce the load from your shoulders, which seems to be a good news for you.

Planet Saturn is over the 8th house which is 2nd from the 7th house and have key role in marital happiness.

Retrograde Saturn there can lead lack of understanding and there will be misunderstandings between you and your spouse.

If you have planetary combinations for marital disharmony then be very careful during Saturn retrograde If you are unmarried and looking for marital alliance then I don't think so there is any indication that you will be able to find a match for yourself.

Saturn retrograde over your 8th house indicates positive news in this regard, especially for those who are currently going through a health issue.

Having fear of this retrograde period of Saturn is quite understandable but I advise you to take cautions and precautions and you will pass through it.

Saturn will be retrograde over their 7th house which is a very important house because it is right opposite to the ascendant and any planet in it tends to affect the native directly.

Career wise retrograde Saturn seems to blocks things and will cause delays in rise of your position at work place.

A negative force will hold you back due to which performance will go down and will lead to issues in your career.

Your image will be not so positive due to this and there will be backlash which you will start to feel in June If you feel like changing your job then this retrograde Saturn can help you in this regard but I don't advise you to change your job because the results won't be positive.

If you are in business and have a partner in it, then this Saturn retrograde will cause issues and misunderstandings with the partner. If you work in administration then this Transit seems to be favorable and you will be given a big task to perform by government and you will excel in dealing the same.

Aspect of Saturn on 4th house can cause damages to house, home appliances and on your Vehicles and all this will add to your financial misery.

Don't lend anyone your money because any lending made during Saturn retrograde is not going to do well for you. Saturn have a huge say on your marriage and the retrograde motion of Saturn always affect the marriage directly or indirectly.

Active marital crises will start to die down and there will be close relationship with your spouse. Same time you will be able to witness rise of your spouse's career and finances which will help you also.

If you are looking for a marital alliance then this Retrograde transition of Saturn will build the process for it and if you are in marriage giving dasha then there will be positive news for you in this regard.

Relationship with mother will also he affected and you will be having some major disagreement with her, possibility of same is higher if you are a female.

During Saturn retrograde in Capricorn sign you may feel discomfort on your health initially but as soon as June will start you will be feeling better and better.

In order to have a smooth experience during Saturn retrograde , you should make your Yogakaraka Mars strong Vai a Jyotish Quality Red Coral on ring finger.

Any affliction over Saturn in natal or in transit can cause severe financial, relationship and health issues for you. So this retrograde motion will put a pressure on you to perform and you may feel trapped under the huge workload.

Promotion is looking possible and you may have to enter a stiff competition which fortunately you will be winning. The environment in the workplace will be suitable and this will add extra happiness in your experience.

You can make a mistake which could lead to legal troubles also though this is possible only when your 6th house is very weak and have too many Bindus in its ashtakvarga calculation.

Though if you are looking for fundraising or applying a loan application then this retrograde transit of Saturn can help you in that.

Any legal issues and case will start to fall in your favour and by August you will be seeing your victory in it.

Rather Saturn tends to block money and creates financial trouble and this retrograde transit is going to do the same to some extent.

If your Horoscope lacks wealth combinations then this transit can cause major money problems in your life and you may have to take debts to maintain your living standards.

If you are unmarried then there will be good chances for you to get married, provided marriage timing as per dasha is active in your Horoscope.

If you are married already then this period shows some good time in your relationship, you will be able to please your spouse and mutual respect and love will keep you happy.

Saturn aspect over your 8th house from the 6th shows that your there will be health issues to you spouse and same time there will be problems in the workplace.

If you have marital disharmony combinations in your Horoscope then Saturn retrograde then I advise you cautions to some extent.

If you are having any spine issue or knees related pain then Saturn retrograde in Capricorn sign will bring a stable treatment for you. The Best way you can minimize the bad effects of Saturn retrograde is via the use of Jyotish quality Red Coral on the ring finger of the right hand.

This will activate the Yogakaraka Mars which in turn will allow you to minimize the negative side of retrograde Saturn in year For Virgo ascendant natives Saturn is a very important planet due to lordship over the 5th and 6th house.

During Saturn retrograde , Saturn will be going through their 5th house which is a very important and a trine house. Any planet in 5th house transit directly affect career due to aspect on the 11th house which means this Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn sign is very important for you.

Here it is important to understand that if Ashtakvarga score in your 5th house is low and Saturn have less then 4 Bindus then all the positive results will not materialize in your case.

I am stating this because Saturn retrograde looks very auspicious for you and I don't want to see disappointed if that not happen to you. During this period of Saturn retrograde there will be a opportunity for you where you will be able to reach on top of your career.

You may undertake a vocational course to upgrade your abilities and you will be successful in that. If you are in Business then Saturn retrograde in Capricorn sign will lead your way to further growth.

You will be making a solid plan in this period and will see the positive results of it around September If you are in need of funds for expansion of business then this will be the right time to approach people.

If you are in entertainment industry like actor or in music then your creativity will be at peak and you will be able to perform well in auditions.

If you make money via speculation like investments or stock then your will be able to make right decisions and the investments made in this Saturn retrograde period will yield you great results.

Chances of gains through kids and spouse is also there and they will be on your side in hour of financial needs. If your money is stuck somewhere then you will be able to get it easily back due to your diplomatic nature.

Saturn aspect on your 7th house in retrograde state shows minor disagreements and issues with your spouse.

With kids there will be some tight moments but I see great harmony as time goes ahead and your will be seeing good progress in their life.

If you are trying to convince then this period is quite auspicious and I think chances of having a kids is very high.

There can be a auspicious ceremony in the house and whole family will be having a good time with each other. As mentioned before Saturn is a key planet for your health and its retrograde motion over your 5th house seems to be medium in nature.

Your food habits may go heywire and you may indulge in food a lot and it means you are not going to see nutrition value in what you are eating.

The most affected area will be your stomach only and I think great care and discipline is required here. As mentioned before you will be seeing good times in career and wealth and when that happens humans tends to become weak and loose their discipline and start to indulge and that is where you have to stay cautious.

The best remedy here is to wear a Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire or a Amathyst on a Pendant in silver metal. You can also give strength to your ascendant lord Mercury which will push you to achieve more and will make you vigilant and dynamic.

Saturn retrograde , Saturn will be passing through the 4th house of your horoscope which is considered as a very important house in Vedic Astrology.

Saturn transit over the 4th house is going to bring some positive changes in your job and career. There will be some favorable events in your workplace and old conflicts with coworkers and Boss will be gone.

If you are looking for a promotion then you will have to push a bit hard because I see stiff competition.

If you are unemployed then there are chances that by the end of Saturn retrograde you will have job letter in your hand. If you are into business then try not to take risks Saturn retrograde in Capricorn sign will bless you with a good a run in it.

Just like career, wealth is also going to see positive curve during this retrograde Saturn period but still precaution is required while dealing with money matters.

Make sure you read the papers a few times before you sign anything which is related to the money. There could be a plan for buying a new car or even a house or land.

Saturn retrograde can fulfill your dream of own house but make sure you calculate every aspect of it thoroughly. There could be an unnecessary expense on account of spending on luxury items and even traveling can drain your money.

Those who are looking to gain control over the family business will find some positive development in this regard. Saturn influence over your 4th house of domestic peace and marriage indicates that these areas will be at your center of focus.

If Moon is well placed in your horoscope then the relationship will improve with the mother otherwise not. Moon is karaka of mother and if Saturn is connected to it in your natal Horoscope then you should watch her health and well being.

Saturn aspect over the 10th house which is maraka for father indicates some health troubles to him and especially around mid-July you should take good care of him.

Chances of getting an injury to him are highly possible and these kinds of unfortunate situations can take cause stress in your mind. Preparing to raise funds to make movies.

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Saturn meditation and Peace One of the highest Chakras is connected with Saturn. Saturn is associated with time and is timeless. Breathe into the timelessness and be filled with light and stardust.

Saturn and Success Strengthening delayed gratification helps each of us understand and distinguish the difference between what we need and what we want.

Happiness comes from time in nature too You will be happier, understand the timelessness of the Universe and be more successful when you embrace the energy, knowledge and patterns associated with Saturn in your life — it is the path of the 6 th chakra.

Saturn and Time The planet of time and timelessness will be connected with our tiny corner of the Universe unlocking ancient secrets to our PLACE in the Universe and our place in the TIME of this version of the Universe.

Spiral Galaxy System The event horizon at the edge of a black hole is where all of the matter of stars collide, creating immense forces, plasma, energy and light that is often propelled light years out into the surrounding areas.

May you connect with your timeless, wise Self in the bliss of silence. Meet you there.

Planet Saturn aka Shani Drecksau going Clara Paget vakri on 11th of May monday at AM IST in the sign of Capricorn and will continue to be in retrogression motion until Tahnee Freundin September tuesday at AM IST. The event horizon at the edge of Aktuelle Komödien black hole is where all of the matter of stars collide, creating immense forces, plasma, energy and light that is often propelled light years out into the surrounding areas. This obviously holds a special meaning in because the first retrograde period of Saturn holds a lot of significance and can shape up our future. Pre-Sale July 17, If your money is stuck somewhere then you will be able to get it easily back due to your diplomatic nature. Though astrological factors for marriage should also support in that. It will be slow and will need patience but will be worth it on long run. Best is to adopt a healthy regime because Saturn being ascendant lord in 12th house can make you interested in Net Worx and Health-related activities. Some Tips To Decode The Effects Of Saturn Retrograde Saturn Start Bonus overall crux is that, you will have a good time during this phase and to make it more benefic you should wear a Yellow Sapphire or Beryl on the middle finger of the Index finger of right hand, this will allow you to gain the maximum benefits from this transit. Let's see how Saturn is going to affect them and how they can take advantage of it.
Saturn Start Bonus Welcome to Green Days. This title plays most similarly to Defender, taking place from a side-scrolling perspective — while your ship is always moving forward, Siren Dämonische Verführung can actually be turned around something dozens upon dozens of Karl Dall Jung in other shmups apparently never figured out how to do Walking Dead Staffel 6 Deutschland, and the screen will then start moving in the other direction the stage will loop if you go far enough. Newsroom Press Releases Brands Media assets Contact us Follow us. Of course, Boomerang also has its share of annoyances.
Saturn Start Bonus

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