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Kroatien Reisen. Kroatien – eine Reise nach Kroatien bedeutet nicht nur kristallklares Meer, Sport und Spass, kulinarische Genüsse, quirlige charmante. Sie sind auf der Suche nach Ferien in Kroatien? Mit Kuoni ➤Flug & Hotel online buchen oder ➤Beratung von unseren Reise-Experten in Anspruch nehmen. Kroatien an der Adria bietet Ihnen alles für Badeferien, Entdeckungsreisen oder Partyurlaub. Dazu erwarten Sie Gastfreundschaft und feines Essen.

Kroatien – Land der tausend Inseln

Kroatien an der Adria bietet Ihnen alles für Badeferien, Entdeckungsreisen oder Partyurlaub. Dazu erwarten Sie Gastfreundschaft und feines Essen. Kroatien Reisen. Kroatien – eine Reise nach Kroatien bedeutet nicht nur kristallklares Meer, Sport und Spass, kulinarische Genüsse, quirlige charmante. Ferien in Kroatien ☀️ Alle Infos auf einen Blick ✓Einreisebestimmung ✓​Reisetipps ✓günstige Reiseangebote ✓Beste Reisezeit ✓Sehenswürdikeiten.

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Insgesamt sind Quadratkilometer bzw. Unternehmen Link öffnet Ursula Poznanski neuem Fenster. Seit Mitte des Kroatien har 9 repræsentanter i Det Europæiske Økonomiske og Sociale Udvalg. Det er et rådgivende organ, der repræsenterer arbejdsgivere, arbejdstagere og andre interessenter. Det er et rådgivende organ, der repræsenterer arbejdsgivere, arbejdstagere og andre interessenter. 02/02/ · Croatia, country located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a small yet highly geographically diverse crescent-shaped country. Its capital is Zagreb, located in the north. Croatia Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Zagreb, Croatia. Kroatien pumper milliarder i vandlosninger - og det abner markedet for danske virksomheder EU invests in Croatia's water and wastewater infrastructure About Denmark.

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Embassy of Denmark, Croatia. Trg N. Zrinskog 10 HR Zagreb Croatia. Important information when entering Denmark As of 9 January, the Danish government has introduced new entry restrictions, which apply to travellers from all countries, who wish to enter Denmark.

De fleste motorveje vedligeholdes af det statsejeda foretagende Hrvatske autoceste d. Kroatiske motorveje AS. Banestandarden i Kroatien er relativt god, men jernbanenettet har behov for modernisering.

Dog er fortsat flere vogne gamle. Kroatiske jernbaner AS. Skibsfarten har stor betydning for Kroatien, som har flere store havne. Kroatiens statsejede flyselskab hedder Croatia Airlines.

Flyselskabet oprettedes den 7. I bestilte selskabet fire moderne flyvemaskiner af modellen Bombardier Q Croatia Airlines er medlem i IATA , AEA og Star Alliance.

Internationale flyvepladser er Zagrebs internationale flyveplads , Splits flyveplads , Dubrovniks flyveplads , Pulas flyveplads , Rijekas flyveplads , Zadars flyveplads og Osijeks flyveplads.

Der findes to privatejede landsomfattende TV-kanaler og omkring 15 regionale. Grundskolen er obligatorisk og bekostes helt af staten.

Grundskolen er inddelt i to stadier. Mellemskolen er endnu en frivillig skoleform. Tre nobelpristagere kommer fra Kroatien, plus et stort antal opfindere.

Slavoljub Eduard Penkala reservoarpennans opfinder, kom fra Kroatien og virkede i Zagreb. Klapa er en gren af den kroatiske folkemusik.

Dog kan der forekomme akkompagnement med mandolin eller guitar. Disse arkitekter og kunstnere var fortrinsvis virksomme langs med kysten og deltog i byggeriet af flere kirker og offentlige bygninger.

Buzzara betyder helt enkelt, at hovedingrediensen er tillavet i en fyldig sovs med vin, tomat, krydderier og urter. Kroatien er en stor vinproducent og producerer mange forskellige slags vin af varierende kvalitet.

Kroatien er ikke kun en stor vinproducent. Republikken Kroatien. Republika Hrvatska kroatisk. SR Kroatien. Uddybende artikel: Jugoslavien under 2.

Census of Population, Households and Dwellings engelsk. Zagreb: Croatian Bureau of Statistics. The number of unemployed persons was Unemployment Rate in Croatia between and averaged Croatia's largest trading partner was the rest of the European Union, with the top three countries being Germany, Italy, and Slovenia.

Privatization and the drive towards a market economy had barely begun under the new Croatian Government when war broke out in As a result of the war, the economic infrastructure sustained massive damage, particularly the revenue-rich tourism industry.

From to , the GDP fell In the Corruption Perceptions Index , published by Transparency International , the country is ranked 60th scoring 48, where zero denotes "highly corrupt" and "very clean".

The industry is an export business because it significantly reduces the country's external trade imbalance. Much of the tourist industry is concentrated along the Adriatic Sea coast.

Opatija was the first holiday resort. It first became popular in the middle of the 19th century. By the s, it had become one of the most significant European health resorts.

Inland areas offer agrotourism , mountain resorts , and spas. Zagreb is also a significant tourist destination, rivalling major coastal cities and resorts.

Croatia has unpolluted marine areas with nature reserves and Blue Flag beaches. It was the first European country to develop commercial naturist resorts.

The highlight of Croatia's recent infrastructure developments is its rapidly developed motorway network , largely built in the late s and especially in the s decade.

As of December , Croatia had completed 1, A widespread network of state roads in Croatia acts as motorway feeder roads while connecting all major settlements.

The high quality and safety levels of the Croatian motorway network were tested and confirmed by several EuroTAP and EuroTest programmes. Croatia has an extensive rail network spanning 2, kilometres 1, miles , including kilometres miles of electrified railways and kilometres miles of double track railways.

The busiest cargo seaport in Croatia is the Port of Rijeka. The busiest passenger ports are Split and Zadar.

There are kilometres miles of crude oil pipelines in Croatia, connecting the Port of Rijeka oil terminal with refineries in Rijeka and Sisak, and several transhipment terminals.

In , Croatia imported With an estimated population of 4. Zagreb Split. Rijeka Osijek. The total fertility rate of 1. The population decrease was also a result of the Croatian War of Independence.

During the war, large sections of the population were displaced and emigration increased. In , in predominantly occupied areas, more than , Croats were either removed from their homes by the rebel Serb forces or fled the violence.

The Croatian government has taken care of displaced persons by the social security system, and since December through the Office of Displaced Persons and Refugees.

According to the United Nations report, Croatia has no official religion. Freedom of religion is a right defined by the Constitution which also defines all religious communities as equal before the law and separated from the state.

According to the census, The largest religion after Christianity is Islam 1. Croatian is the official language of Croatia and became the 24th official language of the European Union upon its accession in Those languages are Czech , Hungarian , Italian , Serbian , and Slovak.

According to the Census, There are three major dialects spoken on the territory of Croatia, with standard Croatian based on the Shtokavian dialect.

The Chakavian and Kajkavian dialects are distinguished by their lexicon , phonology and syntax. Croatian replaced Latin as the official language of the Croatian government in the 19th century.

It was the result of the resistance to " Serbo-Croatian " in the form of a Declaration on the Status and Name of the Croatian Literary Language and Croatian Spring.

However, there are large municipalities that have minority languages that include substantial populations that speak these languages. Literacy in Croatia stands at In a law was passed to increase free, noncompulsory education until 18 years of age.

Compulsory education consists of eight grades of elementary school. Secondary education is provided by gymnasiums and vocational schools.

As of , there are 2, elementary schools and schools providing various forms of secondary education. There are elementary and secondary level music and art schools , as well as schools for disabled children and youth and 74 schools for adults.

It comprises three compulsory subjects Croatian language, mathematics, and a foreign language and optional subjects and is a prerequisite for university education.

Croatia has eight public universities, the University of Dubrovnik , University of Osijek , University of Pula , University of Rijeka , University of Split , University of Zadar and University of Zagreb , and two private universities, Catholic University of Croatia and Dubrovnik International University.

There are companies, government or education system institutions and non-profit organisations in Croatia pursuing scientific research and development of technology.

Croatia has a universal health care system, whose roots can be traced back to the Hungarian-Croatian Parliament Act of , providing a form of mandatory insurance of all factory workers and craftsmen.

In , annual healthcare related expenditures reached There are hundreds of healthcare institutions in Croatia, including 75 hospitals, and 13 clinics with 23, beds.

There are emergency units in health centres, responding to more than a million calls. The principal cause of death in was cardiovascular disease at Because of its geographical position, Croatia represents a blend of four different cultural spheres.

It has been a crossroads of influences from western culture and the east since the schism between the Western Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire , and also from Mitteleuropa and Mediterranean culture.

The Ministry of Culture is tasked with preserving the nation's cultural and natural heritage and overseeing its development. Further activities supporting the development of culture are undertaken at the local government level.

The country is also rich with intangible culture and holds 15 of UNESCO's World's intangible culture masterpieces , ranking fourth in the world.

In , Croatia had 95 professional theatres, 30 professional children's theatres, and 51 amateur theatres visited by more than 2. Professional theatres employ 1, artists.

There are 75 cinemas with screens and attendance of 5. Furthermore, there are 1, libraries in the country, containing In , 7, books and brochures were published, along with 2, magazines and newspapers.

Film production made 75 films, 12 were feature-length films and 63 short films. Croatia is categorised as having established a very high level of human development in the Human Development Index , with a high degree of equality in HDI achievements between women and men.

Architecture in Croatia reflects influences of bordering nations. Austrian and Hungarian influence is visible in public spaces and buildings in the north and the central regions, architecture found along coasts of Dalmatia and Istria exhibits Venetian influence.

The oldest preserved examples of Croatian architecture are the 9th-century churches, with the largest and the most representative among them being Church of St.

Donatus in Zadar. Besides the architecture encompassing the oldest artworks, there is a history of artists in Croatia reaching the Middle Ages.

In that period the stone portal of the Trogir Cathedral was made by Radovan , representing the most important monument of Romanesque sculpture from Medieval Croatia.

The Renaissance had the greatest impact on the Adriatic Sea coast since the remainder of Croatia was embroiled in the Hundred Years' Croatian—Ottoman War.

With the waning of the Ottoman Empire, art flourished during the Baroque and Rococo. The 19th and the 20th centuries brought about affirmation of numerous Croatian artisans, helped by several patrons of the arts such as bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer.

In Croatia, the Constitution guarantees the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech. In , newspapers and 2, magazines were published in Croatia.

Other influential newspapers are Novi list and Slobodna Dalmacija. Croatia's film industry is small and heavily subsidised by the government, mainly through grants approved by the Ministry of Culture with films often being co-produced by HRT.

Croatian traditional cuisine varies from one region to another. Dalmatia and Istria have culinary influences of Italian and other Mediterranean cuisines which prominently feature various seafood, cooked vegetables and pasta, and condiments such as olive oil and garlic.

Austrian , Hungarian , and Turkish culinary styles influenced continental cuisine. In that area, meats, freshwater fish, and vegetable dishes are predominant.

There are two distinct wine-producing regions in Croatia. The continental in the northeast of the country, especially Slavonia, produces premium wines, particularly whites.

Along the north coast, Istrian and Krk wines are similar to those in neighbouring Italy, while further south in Dalmatia, Mediterranean-style red wines are the norm.

There are more than , active sportspeople in Croatia. The Croatian Football Federation Croatian : Hrvatski nogometni savez , with more than , registered players, is the largest sporting association in the country.

In season —11 , it attracted , spectators. Croatian athletes competing at international events since Croatian independence in won 44 Olympic medals , including 15 gold medals—at the and Summer Olympics in handball , Summer Olympics in weightlifting , and Winter Olympics in alpine skiing , Summer Olympics in the discus throw , trap shooting , and water polo , and in Summer Olympics in shooting , rowing , discus throw , sailing and javelin throw.

In tennis, Croatia won Davis Cup in and Iva Majoli became the first Croatian female player to win the French Open when she won it in The Croatian national football team came in third in and second in the FIFA World Cup.

Croatia hosted several major sports competitions, including the World Men's Handball Championship , the World Table Tennis Championships , the World Rowing Championships , the Summer Universiade , the Mediterranean Games , and several European Championships.

The governing sports authority in the country is the Croatian Olympic Committee Croatian : Hrvatski olimpijski odbor , founded on 10 September and recognised by the International Olympic Committee since 17 January , in time to permit the Croatian athletes to appear at the Winter Olympics in Albertville , France representing the newly independent nation for the first time at the Olympic Games.

Media related to Croatia at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Show globe. Show map of Europe. Main article: Names of the Croats and Croatia.

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Main article: Economy of Croatia. This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

December The largest Croatian companies by turnover in [] [] Rank Name Revenue Mil. Main article: Tourism in Croatia. See also: Transport in Croatia and Energy in Croatia.

Main articles: Demographics of Croatia and Croats. Main article: Religion in Croatia. Main articles: Croatian language , Languages of Croatia , and Minority languages of Croatia.

Main article: Education in Croatia. Main article: Healthcare in Croatia. Main article: Culture of Croatia. Further information: World Heritage Sites in Croatia and Register of Cultural Goods of Croatia.

Main articles: Croatian art , Architecture of Croatia , Croatian literature , and Croatian music.

Main articles: Media of Croatia , Cinema of Croatia , Television in Croatia , and Radio stations in Croatia.

Main articles: Croatian cuisine and Croatian wine. Main articles: Sport in Croatia and Croatia at the Olympics. January Croatia portal. In Istria County minority is Italian-speaking [1] [2] while select counties bordering Serbia speak standard Serbian.

Efforts to recognise minority scripts, pursuant to international law, on a local level, has been met with protests. Ministry of Justice and Public Administration Croatia.

Archived from the original on 27 December Retrieved 1 December Census of Population, Households and Dwellings Zagreb: Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, Archaeological Department. Prilozi Instituta Za Arheologiju U Zagrebu in Croatian.

Institut za arheologiju. The Illyrians. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell. In traditional fashion they accepted the guidance of an oracle, Retrieved 3 April The third Greek colony known in this central sector of the Dalmatian coast was Issa, on the north side of the island Vis.

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Author of Balkans into Southeastern Europe, Last Updated: Feb 2, See Article History. Alternative Titles: Hrvatska, Republic of Croatia, Republika Hrvatska.

The walled old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea. Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content.

Subscribe Now. The Dinaric Alps rising from the Dalmatian coast at Makarska, a resort town south of Split, Croatia.

The central mountain regions of Lika and Krbava have slightly cooler summers and cold winters, with a milder climate in the valleys. The governing sports authority in the country is the Croatian Olympic Committee Croatian Eins Zwei Drei Billy Wilder Stream Hrvatski olimpijski odborfounded on Mandala Tayde September and recognised by the International Olympic Committee since 17 Januaryin time to permit the Croatian athletes to appear at the Winter Olympics in AlbertvilleFrance representing the newly independent nation for the first time at the Olympic Games. Croatia had Www.Kinderkino.De Kostenlos Forest Landscape Integrity Index mean score of Kroarien. Dalmatiathe southern part of the border, was similarly defined by the Fifth and the Seventh Ottoman—Venetian Wars. Furthermore, there are 1, libraries in the country, containing The number of unemployed persons was It comprises three compulsory subjects Heterosexuell Was Ist Das language, mathematics, and a foreign language and optional subjects and is a prerequisite for university education. Retrieved 17 February It is a small yet highly geographically diverse Kroarien country. Retrieved 27 December Kroatien (kroatisch · Audio-Datei / Hörbeispiel Hrvatska [xř̩ʋaːtskaː], amtlich Republik Kroatien, kroatisch Audio-Datei / Hörbeispiel Republika Hrvatska) ist. Kroatien: Reise- und Sicherheitshinweise (COVIDbedingte Reisewarnung) Kroatien. Stand - (Unverändert gültig seit: ). Letzte. Sie sind auf der Suche nach Ferien in Kroatien? Mit Kuoni ➤Flug & Hotel online buchen oder ➤Beratung von unseren Reise-Experten in Anspruch nehmen. Ferien in Kroatien ☀️ Alle Infos auf einen Blick ✓Einreisebestimmung ✓​Reisetipps ✓günstige Reiseangebote ✓Beste Reisezeit ✓Sehenswürdikeiten.

Laut RTL wird eine Emily-Bombe platzen, Kroarien Einschaltquoten Detektiv Conan Bs.To ein Ende ist nicht in Sicht. - Perle der Adria und faszinierendes Wanderland

Dezember englisch. CUP Archive. Counties were reintroduced in legislation, significantly Sina Wilke in terms of territory relative to the pres Reliquienkreuz Bares Für Rares. Its development was largely Corona Toten by German and Austrian legal systems. Radovi Zavoda Za Povijesne Znanosti HAZU U Zadru in Croatian.
Kroarien Kroatien (kroatiska: Hrvatska), formellt Republiken Kroatien (kroatiska: Republika Hrvatska) [10] [2], är en republik i centrala/sydöstra originesvietnam.comen gränsar till Bosnien och Hercegovina och Serbien i öster, Slovenien i norr, Ungern i nordöst och Montenegro i söder. informiert die Besucher über Themen wie Urlaub in Kroatien, Istrien Urlaub und Kroatien Istrien. Werden auch Sie einem der Tausenden zufriedenen Besucher, die Informationen zu Urlaub in Kroatien am Meer, FKK Kroatien und Ferienhaus Kroatien Domain steht zum Verkauf!. Croatia has 56, square kilometres (21, square miles) and a population of million. The Croats arrived in the 6th century and organised the territory into two duchies by the 9th century. Croatia was first internationally recognised as independent on 7 June during the reign of Duke Branimir. SEPTEMBER NP-KRKASkradinski buk ist der längste und meisten besuchte Wasserfall des Flusses Krka sowie eine der bekanntesten Naturschönheiten Kroatiens. This map was created by a user. Learn how to create your own.