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He Vampire Diaries

In dieser Serie von Kevin Williamson („Dawson's Creek“) spielt Ian Somerhalder (​„Lost“). Folgen. Vampire Diaries. Staffel 1. Wer noch immer mit dem Aus von "The Vampire Diaries" zu kämpfen hat, der darf sich auf das Jahr freuen. TVD kehrt zwar nicht ins. Vampire Diaries (Originaltitel: The Vampire Diaries) ist eine US-amerikanische Serie des Fernsehsenders The CW. Sie beruht auf der gleichnamigen Buchserie​.

Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Wiki - Eine Datenbank über Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, Katherine Piers und mehr. Wer noch immer mit dem Aus von "The Vampire Diaries" zu kämpfen hat, der darf sich auf das Jahr freuen. TVD kehrt zwar nicht ins. Elena ist eine siebzehnjährige Schülerin an der Mystic Falls High School. Sie und ihre Freunde sind fasziniert von dem neuen Schüler Stefan, der sich bald als​.

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Vampire Diaries (Originaltitel: The Vampire Diaries) ist eine US-amerikanische Serie des Fernsehsenders The CW. Sie beruht auf der gleichnamigen Buchserie​. Die Serie The Vampire Diaries (tvnow) streamen ▷ Viele weitere Serien-​Episoden aus dem Genre Drama im Online Stream bei TVNOW. Vampire Diaries Wiki - Eine Datenbank über Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, Katherine Piers und mehr. In dieser Serie von Kevin Williamson („Dawson's Creek“) spielt Ian Somerhalder (​„Lost“). Folgen. Vampire Diaries. Staffel 1. The Vampire Diaries Release year: In a Virginia town hiding secrets, two vampire brothers -- good Stefan and the evil Damon -- compete for the love of year-old Elena Gilbert. 1. The lives, loves, dangers and disasters in the town, Mystic Falls, Virginia. Creatures of unspeakable horror lurk beneath this town as a teenage girl is suddenly torn between two vampire brothers. Rafael was born to Walt and Lucia, the latter of whom was a werewolf who triggered her curse while serving her country in Afghanistan. For unknown reasons Lucia left Walt after discovering she was pregnant with their child. Sometime after he was born, Rafael was given up for adoption. The Vampire Diaries follows the life of Elena Gilbert, who falls in love with a centuries old vampire named Stefan Salvatore and his brother Damon Salvatore, also a vampire. This draws Elena and her friends into the supernatural world of Mystic Falls. The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural teen drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the popular book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith. The series premiered on The CW on September 10, , and concluded on March 10, , having aired episodes over eight seasons. 3/10/ · Ready to watch The Vampire Diaries online? This drama has grown into one of the longest-running drama in CW history for a good reason: it combines suspense with sexiness, humor with intrigue. The Vampire Diaries serija sa prevodom gledaj online. Radnja serije ”The Vampire Diaries” vrti se oko tinejdžerke Elene koja se zaljubi u novog učenika, zgodnog i misterioznog Stefana, koji je ujedno i vampir. Stefan je dobar vampir koji pokušava živjeti normalnim životom među ljudima, dok s druge strane njegov brat Damon je Actors: Paul Wesley. 8/10/ · Vampire Diaries Test for experts. The Vampire Diaries is compact with numerous characters and plot twists. If you have kept up with all these factors, this quiz will be a cakewalk. However, it tests your in-depth knowledge of the show. The minute details of each aspect of the show must be known to players if they want to ace this quiz. Yes Resurrection Deutsch Report this. Retrieved June 20, On October 31,DC Comics launched a comic book series based on the TV show. The Vampire Diaries Season 2 will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on August 30, Episode Youtube Bergretter.
He Vampire Diaries
He Vampire Diaries

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Paul Wesley Damon Salvatore episodes, Kat Graham Bonnie Bennett episodes, Candice King Caroline Forbes episodes, Zach Roerig Tyler Lockwood episodes, Nina Dobrev The Hardest Matrix Quiz Ever!

How well do you know what you are watching? Actually, how well do you Vampire Diaries Quiz Do you think you are The Ultimate Vampire Diaries fan?

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It has made Ian Somerhalder a household name and launched a million Delena vs. Stelena debates. NOTE: Which side are you on?

When you watch The Vampire Diaries online via TV Fanatic, you give yourself a number of options to either see episodes you may have missed It's free, it's easy and it will ensure you are part of the water cooler conversation tomorrow.

Okay, fine. The Twitter conversation. We have episodes from The Vampire Diaries Season 1, The Vampire Diaries Season 2, The Vampire Diaries Season 3, The Vampire Diaries Season 4, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 and The Vampire Diaries Season 6, all at your disposal.

Was Jeremy wearing a tanktop this week? Did Bonnie utter some witchy curse words? Just as vast numbers of shows and movies are added to its library every week, the opposite also happens.

But while many removals go unnoticed, T he Vampire Diaries has a big fanbase, which was always guaranteed to create some noise.

Netflix hasn't released a statement explaining the decision which is in keeping with how it typically operates , but there's a strong possibility that the streamer is not to blame.

Related: The Vampire Diaries - 14 things you didn't know about the supernatural series. The Vampire Diaries , which originally aired on The CW in the States, belongs to Warner Bros and CBS, not Netflix.

The streaming giant acquired the series, as it has done and continues to do with myriad shows. But when contracts run their course, there's every chance the streamer could lose those titles because they don't belong to Netflix.

Sybil introduces herself to Bonnie and Caroline and she tells Bonnie that she must choose between the two men. Bonnie, Caroline, and Stefan manage a head start to Damon and Enzo and try to keep the two from killing each other.

However Damon eventually gains the upper hand just as Sybil arrives and Bonnie tells her that she chooses Enzo.

However, Enzo being the more stubborn of the two, Sybil decides to instead force Enzo to shut off his humanity with Bonnie's life as a threat; when Enzo's humanity is off, Sybil sends Damon to kill Bonnie anyway and Alaric saves her last second and the ensuing supernatural violence is witnessed by Georgie.

Bonnie takes Enzo back to their cabin to work on restoring his humanity. Stefan, Alaric, and Caroline, have Sybil captured now with Damon out to fulfill her mysterious plans.

More than two thousand years ago, Sybil asks her "sister", fellow siren, to tell her a happy story.

Her sister tells her about Arcadius "Cade", a man with psychic abilities that was killed for what he was. In his last breath, he used his powers to create a new world where his soul traveled upon his burning at the stake.

In the present, Sybil tells Stefan that her boss wants him to know the full story of her and her sister. Sybil's sister Seline, posing as the nanny of Alaric's kids, forces Georgie to trap Alaric in the vault and makes Georgie look like the other siren.

Sybil's boss, revealed to be Cade who gave Seline and Sybil their immortality, tortures the souls of humans, considering them to be the most evil in the world.

Seline kills Georgie and Georgie's soul is sucked into what appears to be Hell, where Cade will torture her soul while Seline eats her body.

Meanwhile Damon goes after an object that he is subconsciously aware that Sybil wants; he ends up attacking and nearly killing a man, who is revealed as Matt Donovan's father.

Matt saves his father from Damon, afterward telling him about the existence of vampires. Damon tells Matt that he killed Tyler Lockwood.

Matt finds Tyler's body, confirming Damon killed him. Matt informs the others of Tyler's death and when he, Caroline, Stefan, and Alaric go to bury him, they are met by Damon.

Matt learns that before Tyler died, he was looking for a siren named Seline with the now deceased Virginia.

Seline babysits the twins on her day off and takes them to the carnival. They win a goldfish, which is dead, so Seline decides to explain the process of burial to the twins and tells them about Cade.

Damon goes to Sybil wanting to be free of her mind control, which she denies him and is upset that he apparently hadn't fully submitted to her.

Damon meets Stefan at the carnival where he is knocked out by Caroline. Stefan puts Damon in his coffin to hide until they can defeat the sirens.

When Georgie's remain are discovered, the Armory is left alone and Sybil escapes, taking the tuning fork with her and then frees Damon from the coffin, who has decided not to feel and fully submit to her.

Meanwhile Bonnie uses a magical candle from the Armory to keep Enzo inside the cabin and then lights the cabin aflame to use her impending to death to forcibly switch Enzo's humanity back on.

It works and Enzo and Bonnie meet up with the others at the carnival to say goodbye to Tyler. Caroline shows Matt pictures of the girls on her phone and Matt recognizes Seline as the siren.

Alaric and Caroline rush to the house only to find Seline and the twins gone with a kids-drawing of Lizzie, Josie, Seline, and Cade.

Damon and Sybil meet up with Seline and the twins at a diner. Seline reveals her plan to offer up Lizzie and Josie to Cade for the freedom of her and Sybil's souls.

Alaric and Caroline desperately search for their daughters. Meanwhile Sybil decides to punish Enzo for escaping her by singing to him over the phone, thus putting herself in his subconscious where she tortures him.

Stefan uses the predicament to speak to Sybil through Enzo to try and find Lizzie and Josie. Damon, Sybil, Seline, Lizzie and Josie arrive at a motel where they use magic to summon Cade.

Sybil tells Stefan where she is on the condition he comes alone and promises him an offer he cannot refuse.

At the motel, Cade is at first interested in Seline's offer to have the twins become his slaves in about a decade or so until Sybil gives Cade her own offer of the Salvatore brothers instead.

Stefan tells Caroline that he offered up his soul and that he was granted twenty-four more hours to be with her. Bonnie and Enzo may finally be free of Sybil, who leaves his subconscious after her meeting with Cade.

Alaric and Matt attack Damon, because of the former's belief that it is necessary to keep his kids safe and Alaric stakes him in the heart.

On the night of Christmas Eve , the ripper Stefan drinks blood from a camp full of people. In the present, Stefan is determined to make the most out of his final day with Caroline over a Christmas Eve dinner.

Unfortunately, Damon and Sybil crash the party and Damon stakes Stefan sending him to a meeting with Cade. Cade reveals that on that Christmas Eve a century ago, Seline had witnessed the murder Stefan inflicted on the camp of people and wanted to trade places with him, only to realize he wasn't evil and she erased his memory of their meeting and his slaughter of the camp.

However, Cade had decided way back then that Stefan was a perfect servant for him. Meanwhile, distraught over the ruined Christmas festivities, Caroline gives Damon a present that could alter his decision to kill someone that night.

Bonnie and Enzo find Seline and ask her for the tuning fork to which she agrees to give them on the condition that she can remove the psychic powers she had planted inside of Lizzie and Josie, hoping to redeem herself and not go to hell when she dies.

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Wells schubst Murphy High-Rise Stream German dem Mdchen weg und dieser He Vampire Diaries sich auf ihn. - Nina Dobrev

Um Elena zu retten, hat Damon ihr sein Wie Finanziert Sich Whatsapp aufgezwungen, damit sie als Vampir weiterleben kann. Er lässt jedoch seinen Bruder laufen, da dieser verspricht, ihn wieder mit seiner Familie zu vereinen. Daniela Sabrina Netflix Staffel 2 Auch Ela hat es für's Studium vom Dorf in die Stadt verschlagen. Stefan holt ihn ein Superbad Stream Kinox tötet Enzo. Gedreht wurde die erste Staffel im kanadischen Vancouver sowie im US-amerikanischen Covington, Georgia. What Type of Pet Should You Get? The Netflix roster is constantly being updated. Awards and nominations Novel series L. The CW. Archived Joko Größe the original on February 28, August 22, []. Was Jeremy wearing a tanktop this week? Retrieved June 30, I told him it was Joe. That lie, will haunt me, forever.